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Dec-05-2018 Categories: news

Disclaimer: I am alive beneath the acceptance that annual activate cooldowns (where present) will not be afflicted from 0.25 seconds.

So I haven't apparent a column like this yet and I acquire apparent a brace of humans accomplish incorrect assumptions, so I absitively to accomplish a column about this.

The apriorism is that cooldowns are abstinent in abounding server ticks, which yield 33ms. They are angled up to accommodated these. If you activate a accomplishment at a point in time if it's tooltip cooldown would acquire passed, PoE currency but the server ancillary one hasn't, you will skip that cast.

The aftereffect is the following:

264ms (3.78 APS) for annual triggers with no recovery

165ms (6.06 APS) for CoC with no recovery

231ms (4.32 APS) for annual triggers with at atomic 8%

132ms (7.57 APS) for CoC with at atomic 14%

198ms (5.05 APS) for annual triggers with at atomic 27%

One of the abstracts is that you can get abounding CoC abeyant with a alone t2 mod on a belt. Unless you advance every 66ms (15.15 APS) at 27% added cooldown accretion speed, your casts will not absolutely bout up.

Using the CoC breakpoint for 14%+ icdrs still allows you to activate your items as about as you would afterwards cooldown investment, which is a simple 12.5% accident from the best attainable abundance with this cooldown investment.

If you use Barrage at 3.78 APS, the aboriginal and endure projectile can apparently be far abundant afar to activate CoC. If the aboriginal projectile is accursed absolutely at the alpha of the closing 60% of Barrage and the added absolutely at the end, it would plan out.

Assuming they are analogously advance and not starting at the exact start, you charge at atomic one added projectile for them to be far abundant apart. Accumulate in apperception that if you absence the hit or crit cycle for the aboriginal projectile, you will apparently alone get one CoC proc per use.

Edit: If you use added than one spell, accumulate the APS breakpoints with the bulk of spells you use. To get rid of rounding errors, annular down the aftereffect of bulk of spells disconnected by cooldown in aberrant to two digits afterwards the decimal point. Due to abeyant rounding ingame, traveling as abutting as <0.01 APS to the breakpoint adeptness could cause skipped casts though, so you apparently don't wish to go that abutting anyway. This aswell goes for the breakpoints listed above.