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Jun-11-2018 Categories: news

Ask yourself: in 5 years (15 on-schedule seasons) if GGG adds to the bold like aggression every patch, how abundant video bold will be too abundant agreeable that you can't accomplishment it all in the 3 months?

Already apparently 90% of players never accomplish it to 100, bags of humans never get to atziri.

How abounding streamers bead circuitous amateur and go for simpler, saner beneath demanding low blind bake-apple agreeable like new amateur on absolution day instead of connected abutment of the aforementioned game?

It's not account it and its an aerial apprehension to wish this amend agreeable schedule. I anticipate GGG knows this and is cashing out now because connected agreeable additions is too abundant advancing problems. This is why we get agreeable like incursion, breadth about everywhere you about-face you are boring accident any downsides of the generally proclaimed "infinite customization of character" because about no body has a downside now, and its progressively acceptable harder to body incorrectly.

There arent "mechanics" to allege of any more; you are either OP and abolish shaper or you died because you arent res capped.

In 5 years if they add the next 25-50 levels of agreeable who is traveling to accept time to run a map with 6000 mods except anyone who has spent the 16 000 dollars in the endure 8 years of gaming (500$ adherent every 3 months for 8 years = 16 000), who will accept abundant backing space, characters, that can allow to authority it all never apperception be the affectionate of amateur accustomed abundant with the arrangement to do able-bodied at it. Any new amateur will artlessly be overwhelmed.

It's too abundant content. Too abundant clutter, too abundant junk, too abundant investment beginning to demand.

A bold that ample is alarming to play.

At some point POE needs to be put into aliment mode. It has to happen. It is both inevitable, and necessary.

It can't endure forever. you as a player, me, we will all acquisition things that will crave added demands on our time; demography affliction of ancestors in their crumbling process, accepting your own bloom crisis, or disposed to the needs of your own reality.

This activity is happening. whether you wish it to or not activity happens, and works in abstruse ways. One minute you can adore accepting a doobie arena poe for 16 hours a day all weekend, the next you can accept base blight and maybe you will Live to acquaint the account - or be unlucky. Either way at some point thats traveling to yield foreground seat.

Cope with the actuality that the affair you adulation today may be gone tomorrow for affidavit aloft your apperception and control. Cope with the actuality the anatomy and poe buy currency aesthetics of GGG could be alteration today appropriate now. Be able - while it may not appear tomorrow, it will appear at some point.

With sincerity.