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​POE - POE is like your best friend

news Nov-18-2019

​POE - POE is like your best friend

It's because of you GGG that humans still accept acceptance in the industry. For years i never felit like traveling to a CON of any company, aggregate is cool staged, aggregate feels bogus and like they are overreacting on what they say just advertise to you stuff, of advance they accept to chase a Software of what to show, but if you see the way GGG replied the questions from anybody and approved to explain what they do, how they do it and why they do it, you can acquaint they are accepting absolutely honest and blessed to allotment it with everyone.

Sadly i couldnt go this year due to austere claimed reasons, but im acquisitive to go to the next one if they echo it.

Yes, the MTX are absolutely big-ticket compared to added amateur (Crucicle backpack buyer here, deceit abstain it, just adulation it) but i consistently acquaint people: "Guys, the accomplished gameplay is absolutely free, even if you absorb money for the bill tab, they will accumulate advance it with new bill for free, in any added bold they would allegation you added for those added 3-4 new bill slots, appear on".

When you anticipate about accepting like this, the superior of the expansions, the connected improvements and how they affliction and advance the new gameplay mechanics, i deceit abstain but to feel like "guys, you deserve everything, just yield my money already". So amuse GGG dont be abashed of aggravating new things, we'll be actuality and we apperceive you consistently do your best.

Sure, sometimes some things doesnt plan as expected, but thats absolutely fine, just move on and try to acquisition a way to accomplish it fit in (Bestiary is a prime archetype of that).

I've been arena this bold for a long, continued time, i would say 7 years already, and i never acquainted dissapointed about Chris or the blow of the agents of GGG, anticipate for archetype the bane achievement issues, i was abiding at some point Chris or Jonathan would column something answer accepted bearings aback then, and they didnt do it just once, but several times in fact, which companies does this? maybe 2 or 3 added max? Im not even abiding there is a individual one who absolutely cares that abundant like this guys do, and im appealing abiding anybody could feel it during the ExileCon, and im abiding anybody acquainted appreciative if accepting allotment of this community.

When i play added amateur in fact, and there is a huge artisan affair or a bold breaking bug, im so acclimated to GGG way of ambidextrous with it that i just feel desperated if i see over 2 weeks anesthetized and they are still not fixed, you baby us actuality GGG.

Another archetype of this was afresh at the ExileCon, for humans who didnt watch the stream, there was a point breadth anyone asked Chris about the business archetypal of the PoE Mobile, and if i anamnesis accurately (was afterwards than 2 am for me sorry) he said something like "We dont affliction about allowances from the adaptable version, we affliction about pc players accepting happy" and i bethink the accuser (i anticipate it was Zizaran) his face like "wow thats an amazing answer".

I consistently acquaint humans that POE is like your best acquaintance who will consistently be there, while added amateur are humans you accommodated one or alert to accept a brace of beers, and i dont anticipate i will anytime change my mind.

Thank you for what you do Chris, Jonathan, Erik , Bex, Neon and anybody complex in POE, you are an archetype of how to actualize amateur in a able way, and how to amusement players like friends, not like consumers that you accept to argue to buy your product.