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Jul-11-2018 Categories: news

Welcome to our site!!! Read this, Path of Exile hangs at loading awning amid areas. Anyone abroad accepting this problem?

As the appellation states, my bold is frequently blind if I go from one breadth to another, or use a portal. The loading awning apparatus will just abide endlessly until I Alt+F4 or abutting the bold from assignment manager.

When I log aback into PoE I've noticed that sometimes I accept to try alert afore I can auspiciously log into the appearance baddest screen.

This has just started accident aural the accomplished day or two and is acceptable complete frustrating.

I accept PoE installed on a 500GB SSD, and I'm alive an i5-4690k with a 1060 cartoon card, so achievement shouldn't be an issue.

I anticipation it could be could could could could could could cause by a networking issue, so I've restarted my router, but I'm still accepting the aforementioned issue.

Any help/suggestions would be abundantly appreciated. I've been experiencing this affair intermittently in the endure week. I accept a appealing acceptable computer and a fast SSD.

When I aperture to my cover it will affectionate of abeyance afterwards 5 abnormal go into "not responding" for a little bit.

If I just leave it be it endless afterwards maybe a absolute of 10-15 seconds, about if I'm aback in the bold it's like the bold "fast forwards" through all the frames I've absent for a few abnormal and afresh aggregate is normal.

Happens randomly, sometimes it's accomplished (instant load) and sometimes it happens again. Absolutely annoying. I'm in fact afraid it ability go accomplished the adroitness aeon if I anytime TP into a alarming zone.

Due to approval absurdity a few times if I aboriginal cossack the bold up. Loading into Oriath takes a few tries blame me aback to login screen.

Loading into Oriath or maybe Highgate can yield awhile longer, i usually anticipation it was because of all the MTX.

Loading a map for the aboriginal time that day can be a gamble, ability blast aback to login screen. This has happened aback day 1 of my PoE experience.

Want to try the pvp daily? Usually blast aback to login awning already or alert if loading into the lower act aback it sends you too for some acumen afterwards you are done.

If am in a affair with added than maybe 3 humans and I accompany a map, if they alpha allowance appropriate away, takes always for me to amount into map.

I am appealing abundant affected to play abandoned or poe currency with alone 1 added accepting who doesn't accept a cool awning spammy build.

My apparatus is alone 3 years old, 960GTX, 8GB, yadda yadda, approved arena on solid accompaniment and accepted HDD.