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​POE - Oni-Goroshi is activity nervous

news Nov-22-2019

​POE - Oni-Goroshi is activity nervous

No surprise, abounding uniques will be acutely impacted by the changes in PoE2. The socketing changes led to on-stage altercation on both Tabula Rasa (currently slated to accommodate a 9th accessible gem slot, acceptation a 9th six-link, forth with getting white) and Kaom's Heart (internal testing feels like it doesn't accommodate abundant bloom for the ample appulse of accident two gem slots).

There was aswell some altercation about dual-wield or bouncer vs two-handers, because the primary account of two-handers was admission to a six-link, poe currency and so two-handers will acceptable allegation to be compensated in some way.

Especially aback they were already advised inferior due to the way collapsed accident could be added to both weapons in bifold wield.

So that brings me to my admired unique, Oni-Goroshi. For anyone not familiar, it is a one-hand brand which is wielded application both hands, that comes as a six-linked item. It has level-scaling accident authoritative it accessible at all levels, and an alternative self-harming addict that is both fun, strong, and alarming should you accept to bake things.

It is accessible at akin two, and so has been a antecedent of aboriginal six-link (like Tabula Rasa). It aswell talks to you, and has chance accompanying things to say as you defeat chance administration as you advance through the campaign.

It is absolutely fun, and a abundant way to akin characters afterwards your amateur in a new league. It is about too time-consuming to admission or big-ticket to be account accomplishing on a starter, but you can (and ability wish to, in fact, if you are arena SSF).

Currently, Oni-Goroshi is activity nervous. It is traveling to lose its six-link functionality like Tabula Rasa, which was the majority of its leveling power. It is a one-hander, and so would alone accept two sockets instead of four, so you lose two, a behemothic hit like Kaom's Heart.

In the acquiescent tree, you already ache from accident admission to dual-wield/shield/two-hand nodes, ashore with alone one-hand nodes. If the new change to advance two-handers comes in to atone for the accident of six-link, appropriate now Oni-Goroshi would absence out.

And finally, the new campaign. Will she still accept things to say? Her personality will not just disappear, afterwards all... but would it be account a brace hours account of development time to architecture and apparatus so abounding new articulation lines? I absolutely accomplishment so, but I am biased as I've said this is my admired unique.

Nervous for nothing? Definitely traveling to accumulate application in PoE1 attack either way!