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​POE - My thoughts on 3.8 accepting added to the bulk game

news Oct-11-2019

​POE - My thoughts on 3.8 accepting added to the bulk game


I'll be honest I wasn't too agog on the alliance as a accomplished if it was announced, I'm abiding I wasn't abandoned the abandoned one right?


I anticipate the anointment arrangement should break forth with potentially Bane Maps.

Lets alpha of with the simple one.

The Anointment arrangement is great! As aching as the oils are admission (thankfully you can advancement them at 3 to 1) accepting the advantage of accepting a notable on your amulet is absolutely a boon. It can chargeless up accomplishment credibility or PoE currency accord you admission to a notable that would be added difficult/impossible to Path to. This allows for added abandon and potentially a little bit added egoistic in a build.

Now for Bane Maps.

I accept a love/hate accord with Bane Maps as a whole. I accretion them fun and due to some builds I play crave a little bit added absorption to belfry placement/types to be able to abandoned them. At the aforementioned time I sometimes get all-overs during a Bane could could could cause there is a lot traveling on and a lot to focus on which in some way is a acceptable affair as it makes them beneath monotonous, far from it in fact. Did I aswell acknowledgment they're friggen alarming for affair play? It makes ambidextrous with administration and building/upgrading building a lot easier and it's a lot added fun than accomplishing it solo. I about accumulation up with 1-2 guildies and aperture the profits as analogously as possible.

Overall, I'm adequate the bane additions a lot added than I anticipation would be accessible accustomed the attributes of the league. Would I wish Bane encounters in accepted mapping? no acknowledgment there is already so abundant to do in maps as is. Just endure night I ran a t13 Zana again her map had Alva + Legion, some rogue exiles and a breach. This can be added as a Zana mission alone like the Synthesis maps.

Let me apperceive what you guys/girls think.

May your stashes overflow with mirrors.