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​POE - My problems with POE ps4 version

news Nov-14-2019

​POE - My problems with POE ps4 version

I don't see abounding ps4 posts actuality but i achievement ggg pays little absorption to us ps4 players as well. All-embracing i adulation the game, I been amphitheatre the bold for over a ages now. I played about with few altered builds, completed my atlas, dead shaper and elder. Still alive on uber elder.

My problems:

Performance - POE achievement on abject ps4 is appealing terrible. The bold harder crashes for me already every 2 hours atleast. It seems to be server accompany affair (just my observation). Blighted maps are complete daydream for ps4, absolutely freezing abundance everytime i try them.

Servers - The server lag is big botheration for me because i am from india. For me a lot of constant server is Australian server but i still get huge lag spikes. I absolutely ambition there was a some array of offline approach area i can run the bold on my ps4 afterwards accepting to be affix to servers. They could achieve it so you deceit affix these abandoned offline characters to added servers.

Trade - I abhorrence trading in this game, it wastes soo abundant of my time if i ambition to barter because of the abridgement of filters and accepting to delay for added players to repond to your offers. I absolutely ambition there was a arrangement area i can just buy listed items and not accept to delay for others players to respond. Accession botheration which is accurately abundance as i alone play about 2-3 hours a day which makes it harder to advertise accepting because there is an advantage to online appearance online players which anybody uses. Aswell I achievement ggg can acquiesce us to barter with pc players.

Flasks - Except the R1 and L1 beam the others are a albatross to use because i accept to let go of the movement analog stick to columnist them which stops me and gets me dead (I am abiding added accomplished gamers dont accept this issue). I ambition they just add a use all flasks button or just abolish flasks and add them to abilities or accomplishment tree.

Cosmetics - I apperceive ggg needs to achieve money but in this bold every armor, weapon and items attending soo abhorrent in abject anatomy that you accept to buy cosmetics if you ambition to attending appropriate (which is the point of bandit bold for me) and its because they charge to advertise cosmetics so deceit achieve alarming searching items. There needs to be few chargeless acceptable searching cosmetics which the amateur should be able to acquire through playing. I met this absolutely alarming searching appearance and i asked him how to get his accent to attending agnate and he told me he had spent $500 to attending this way which is antic to me.

Some of these issues ability just be on my end due to my affiliation with servers. Even afterwards all these problems, i still adore the amount acquaintance of the game.