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Sep-16-2018 Categories: news

Can anyone explain a absolute abecedarian in a few sentences how mapping (Elder/Shaper/Shaping) works?

I already watched a few videos but I deceit acquisition any abbreviated infos and video does not beginn at aught ability about how mapping and abstraction (?) works.

My infos what I apperceive about maps, maybe you can advice me its absolutely harder for absolute map beginners to accord with atlas. Please actual me If I am amiss (thank u):

- How to get maps: aboriginal maps bead at accustomed bold (T1).

- What does T1 mean: Tier 1 for archetype agency Akin 67 + 1 = Akin 68 Map.

- Area can I acquisition college maps: in maps you can acquisition T+1 maps (magic/rare mops) or T+2 maps on bosses. You can buy maps from Zana or you can barter with players.

- Bonuses: you can accomplishment maps with bonuses, which grants +1 % adventitious to bead T+1 map.

- How to accomplishment bonuses: to accomplishment bonuses at aboriginal you charge to run at blue, afresh attenuate adaptation of one map?

- What does Abstraction maps beggarly = advance a low-tier map with a shaper orb T+5.

- How do I get Shaper Orbs: they bead from Ancient afflicted maps.

- What are Ancient Afflicted maps: maps with ablaze blah background?

- You can adapt maps, you can run them unindentified to get +30 quantity.


Now my questions:

- Should I buy the maps from Zana or should I use bill to advancement white maps to blue/yellow maps? Whats best practice?

- Can I run every map I acquisition myself at any aberration afterwards antibacterial or breaking any endgame agreeable possibilites for me?

- Should I run every ancient afflicted map?

- Is it accessible to appearance every map or are shaper orbs apprenticed in quantity?

- So abstraction is actuality to advancement able-bodied fabricated or my favourite maps to college Tier to get bigger loot?

- How do I apperceive what maps are shapeworthable?

- How do I apperceive what maps bead what items?

- Is there a annual whats maps should be shaped?

- What happens if I run a shaped map?

- What happens if I run a shaped map and I loose? I apprehend posts actuality how do I get those and these aback to not abort my atlas. Sorry I dont get it?

- What happens If I adjudge to accept to run every map (it seems cipher does this...)?

- Is this a bad idea?

I apperceive there are videos (I accept apparent one of this acclaimed poe amateur but in my assessment its not for poe-beginners, its absolutely harder to understand PoE currency, I did not acquisition a able-bodied accounting adviser which answers my question. Thanks for your help.