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​POE - My ambition for Bane affiliation into the capital game

news Oct-16-2019

​POE - My ambition for Bane affiliation into the capital game

Hi there, whenever a alliance is out for some time and is agreeable i consistently anticipate about a way I would accommodate the a lot of fun apparatus of a alliance into the capital bold and this time i ambition to allotment my idea.

The a lot of fun allotment of Bane Alliance are the austere maps for me. Its fun, its advantageous and its 'outside' of the accepted mapping, so i can adjudge whenever i ambition to do these maps.

My ambition for Bane affiliation would be to just yield the austere maps and atom the accustomed bane encounters. The Maps could be added to the accustomed bead basin or, what i would absolutely accessory advanced to, path of exile currency accomplish it a attenuate bead for Map Administration abandoned and accomplish it so that if a Bang-up drops a austere map it will be of the exact aforementioned map.

This way, Administration could accomplish an absolute 'Pog' bead and you could even ambition acreage Administration to accretion specific austere maps.

In my Head this would be a admirable accession to the capital game. What do you guys think?

Newwby said that ... I like the encounters and wouldn't apperception accepting them still, but there's a lot of allowance for bane to be chip somehow. Bang-up drops are a adequate abstraction for austere maps!

Ideas off top of my head

Blight Scarab - affirmed Cassia appointment or 3 (or additional somehow), bane maps bead as accustomed in the encounter/maybe gilded scarab transforms a map to austere or has a adventitious to.

Zana encounter, like Synthesis

A Harbinger-orb like bill which either adds a Bane appointment to a map as an implicit, and/or has a adventitious of transforming a map into a Austere map - maybe blight-currency-altered map administration afresh bead austere maps?

Blight encounters in delve, maps as rewards from burrow bulge encounters.

Blight as sextant modifiers, cadiro-like adventitious to spawn a austere map.

Blighted Maps/Oils as lab rewards.

Blights in adulteration bracken of temple.

Cassia becomes a adept and offers circadian bane encounters with accustomed austere map bottomward affairs (or circadian austere maps?)

Cassia decides to accompany the syndicate and her rewards are Bane accompanying (encounters/maps/oils etc)

Blight as an album artisan breadth baby growths arise (as map encounters) and if encouraged will yield over maps (as bane maps until ran)

Something something 4.0 Bane but its the adulteration now.

Blighted maps as altered maps (like Harbinger (tiered) and/or with accidental tileset)