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Jul-10-2018 Categories: news

My album action that just works is Precinct. I currently accept my album bureaucracy to accept no added bank 10s, no bank 11s and Eldered Promenade.

T10 is a adequate ambit for a abounding MF Windripper build, just abundant accident to accouterment the about harder administration on the map.

The a lot of batty affair about this map: The Cards.

Undaunted (28-32c), Saint's Treasure (14c now, about bifold beforehand if exalts are top priced) BOTH bead in this one map.

I get one of these cards every 8-10 maps on average. Monstrous Treasure + Strongbox 500% Sextant gives you 3-4 of these cards 80%+ of the time. I fabricated my money aback accomplishing that admixture on Precinct 9/10 times because of the cards.

It aswell has a adventitious to spawn a lot of administration so it's a abundant map to Vaal bold you can handle the Exile bosses.

I blade to 20%, alch, aces out the ones with 85%+ assistant and acceptable backpack admeasurement and run them as is, and base all the abominably formed rares. I advertise the ones that about-face into Promenade and the Precincts that backward bad.

Yes, blueprint is affectionate of bad but you get acclimated to it afterwards a while. There seems to be two audible patterns: 1 is like 4 islands affiliated with attenuated bridges, and the added is affectionate of like a pretzel.

Plus if you run a QotF or a Brightbeak Shield Allegation body decidedly with Inspired Learnings you move complete bound about the map.

Density isn't bad. Acceptable with 3 sextants (1 red 2 yellow). Sextant costs are bargain but I accept been consistently alive these maps with massive accumulation so I don't affliction if I allegation to absorb 150+ anarchy to buy sextants afterwards 25 maps.

Plus T10 Precinct sells for 3c each.

Plus, I anticipate some humans belittle red sextants. The mod "nemesis monsters bead 3 added currency" is attenuate but if you behave and aperture in top assistant besmirched maps with added attenuate monsters + attenuate monsters accept nemesis mod roll, you get at LEAST 25c drops with Beyond formed into the map.

I haven't explored Shaped Precinct or Elder Precinct. Sextant bulk should be agnate and a college bank can bead added top bank maps, so the earning abeyant should be higher.

But I'm not abiding if a doughy abounding MF Windripper can handle a T15/16 abnormally with that boss. Possibly body a stronger fractional MF appearance to accouterment that poe currency content?

Anyway, what are your addition strategies? I've aswell heard humans allocution about agriculture Torture Chamber with Flicker Strike.