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​POE - It is time for addition alliance like Perandus

news May-08-2019

​POE - It is time for addition alliance like Perandus

After assorted crafting focused leagues in a row, I feel like the bold needs a alliance to footfall aback and relax a bit for a league. With a alliance like perandus league, breadth players acquire simple admission to altered that they want, it would accord two aloft allowances to consider:

1 - An address to newer players. The crafting arrangement is alarming for new players, and a lot of accidental continued timers like myself just don't ambition to absorb the time and ability it. It's a lot to apprentice and a lot to apply. With a focus instead on unique admission and the builds that they allow, new players are added adequate to acquisition accessory to accomplish their sub-optimal newbie builds plan so they don't acquire to ache as abundant with the "I busted up at authoritative my character, I blot at this bold and accumulate dying, assumption I'll play a altered bold (instead of acquirements about synergies and body strategy)" absurdity that is a absolute affair with new players in this game. Something like Perandus alliance would acquiesce newbies to apprentice the bold itself and not be afflicted into the alarming apple of crafting unless they ambition to, accepting apparent that it's accessible to them as they alleviate recipes as they progress.

2 - With builds and accessory accepting fed by the league, bill will not be as bent up in barter for gear, and that agency added bill in austere players' pockets. That agency that continued time players acquire added bill accessible to them to actually USE these new crafting mechanics that are now accessible to us, and added accidental players now acquire some bill accessible to analysis it out and apprentice how it works instead of just blank it like I acquire been for 6 months.

I anticipate a alliance like this would be adequate for every blazon of player, and would be a auspicious change of clip from the contempo grinding-for-maybe-rewards and I-have-no-idea-wtf-is-actually-going-on-with-these-boards-and-charts methods of syndicate and amalgam leagues.

Edit: aback allegedly bisected of you dont apperceive how to read, my advancement is for a alliance that offers rewards in a way like perandus alliance did, breadth players get to frequently aces and acquire rewards, including uniques that advice focus on leveling and building. I am not allurement to just play Perandus again. Path of exile trade currency the alliance was fun but we all apperceive it wasn't perfect, and GGG is altogether able of creating a new and fun alliance acquaintance that can accomplish this affectionate of accolade system.