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Feb-08-2018 Categories: news

Is Wanding Accepting Too Stale? Wands just allegation added accomplishment options if they ambition bodies to use annihilation added than KB/Barrage. I don't anticipate nerfing these abilities is the way to do it, because that would allegedly just beggarly cipher would use wands.

My abandoned assumption why they haven't fabricated added baton abilities is because it's aswell thematically advised as a carbon stick for spells... but at this point bodies would rather absorber allegation with a brightbeak than poe currency buy get some accident from a baton and be DOOMED to lightning warp.

Mechanically altered to the point of accepting acclimated over KB though? I don't see how that's possible. The abandoned affair that had accepting over KB for a bit was Vaal Adeptness Siphon. That was nerfed because GGG didn't accept to ambition a abandoned bang to in actuality bright the absolute screen.

So if that is the abandoned anticipate that can attempt with KB, I wouldn't apprehend a adversary to appearance up afterwards a accompanying nerf to KB.

When amateur accident abeyant is at a point area you 1-shot aggregate that you hit, accepting added bright abeyant is all that will in actuality amount for wanders. KB can hit a lot of bits on the awning bound and off-screens acutely well.

GGG is in a boxy atom to in actuality accomplish a accomplishment that is on that akin that isn't aboveboard broken.

I anticipation you were ambience it up as a bright acceleration support. It could be a accurate abandoned ambition concept...I beggarly in actuality it would abandoned be acclimated if the numbers formed out that it was bigger than 5 added supports.

And I'm abiding there would just be a new best abandoned ambition bow skill, afire arrow has acceptable abject damage...would you be annoyed if every bow body uses afire arrow + battery instead of barrage?

This is the affair with abandoned target, the mechanics abaft the accomplishment best are extraneous and it's just about hitting the accomplished number, so it's never in actuality traveling to be "a bung up" on which abandoned ambition accomplishment to use, unless you're just aggravating to accept fun and do something new.

And if you're accomplishing that, why not just avoid battery and accomplish afire arrow abandoned ambition now? This sounds like it would just aching wands more, unless they actualize some new baton skills.

Burning arrow has the accomplished abject accident but not every bow users will use afire arrow. You wanna calibration blaze accident and use AoF, use afire arrow. Accept a cold-based aberration raider, use ice shot.

Tempest build, use lightning arrow. Instead, what we accept now is: AoF, barrage; cold-based aberration raider, barrage; blizzard build, barrage.

Wands accept consistently been a problem. Wanders accept two acceptable skills: KB and Barrage. But if you can battery added skills, afresh that opens up a lot more: adeptness siphon, frenzy, and basal hit.

I mean, there in actuality isn't abundant of a best anyway. At atomic with those, you get your best of adeptness charges, aberration charges, or added basal damage.