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Jul-13-2018 Categories: news

Finally, afterwards ~150 hours aback the alpha of Incursion, I managed to accomplishment the story.

I aboriginal played this bold one year ago. Stopped about act 2 aback accession bold bent my interest. I came aback during the endure ages of Bestiary, and been about arena POE abandoned aback the alpha of Incursion.

I chose to try out SSF Hardcore and not attending at any guide, to acquire a challenge, and well. Demography the abhorrent lag spikes and my own abilities into account, I got my challenge.

I absent annual of how abounding chars i've lost, but it's apparently about 8-10. Maybe two on Doedre act 8. One because I was beneath a omnitech just as a lag fasten hit.

My a lot of aching one was apparently dying to Act10 Kitava during the endure appearance because my admirable abashed feel fabricated me absorber allegation aback into his AOE.

Threw a dice to acquire my next class, time to play a Shadow. Took Frost Blades and never looked back. I had acutely adequate drops aboriginal on ( +50% dmg to algid on lvl 10 gloves, and a god bank lvl 35 barb I still didn't administer to alter at lvl 76 ).

And finally, afterwards way too abundant time, I managed to do it, I dead Kitava.

After in actuality about one year afterwards I dead Merveil for the aboriginal time, I can assuredly get my duke assimilate endgame.

No abstraction how I managed to accomplish this burn survive. I've had too abounding instances breadth I should've died, but he lived. (Note: Don't try to alt-F4 if you're acute larboard click, will not work, my affection suffered to apprentice this )

Now at atomic I can die like an idiot but will not feel as bad as with my added chars. I acquire accomplished leveling accessory ( got a tabula bygone ), and a lot of things I wanna try out now. ( Started a Vaal Burning Arrow Ranger, already admiring the nukes )

Then Ronraxxx acquaint me that,

Fairly absorbing you did SSF HC with no adviser at all lol. But if you ambition to asperse yourself in the end bold you adeptness analysis out some Engineering Eternity videos on YouTube.

I watched his abecedarian alternation like 2 years afterwards I started arena and still abstruse a few things about poe currency. There's annihilation acutely body specific but he break down all the bold mechanics and it adeptness admonition you survive longer!