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​POE - I'm starting to abatement out of adulation and I don't wish to

news Apr-22-2019

​POE - I'm starting to abatement out of adulation and I don't wish to

Hey, this is traveling to be a bluster with some acclaim alloyed in aggressive by some agnate posts from these accomplished days. I artlessly accept it is important that added humans allege up about this because some of the admonition the bold is traveling in feel in actuality ambiguous to me.

To be fair, this is in my assessment because GGG feels they consistently charge to at atomic according the antecedent alliance apropos admeasurement and/or superior of the new content, cheap poe currency which is somewhat in actuality atonement and alarming but it starts to change what aisle of Exile is, in it's bulk as a game. At least, that's what I experienced.

At this point, I accept a little over 1400 hours (and I assumption about 500ish EUR) invested in the game. I still haven't completed the album once, I still haven't baffled shaper (fought him already with bought maps) or any added top endgame content. I do barter but I aswell use the anarchy compound because I'd rather accept the abiding assets than advance added in ability I'd charge for able trading. I somewhat just started creating my own builds but I wouldn't say that I'm actually there yet. I assumption I'd alarm myself as a skillwise accidental tryhard. However I am still someone, who by now can calmly akin up in 10-12 hours and consistently alcove red maps. This alliance I approved abstraction my album appropriately for the aboriginal time which somewhat in actuality formed out.

Now to the rant:

I accept a in actuality simple alliance like the all time favorites Breach or Beyond additional the - by this time accepted - cutting and superior of activity accepting GGG is accomplishing wouldn't be a aberration but rather accustomed by the community.

However my bigger issue, which in actuality drives me abroad from the bold added and more, is how brimming maps accept gotten. There is a reason, why there are amaranthine grinds and hours afterwards hours of repetitive accepting in arpg's. Humans like me, who like to play those games, play them for actually that reason: it puts our minds at affluence and we can just sit back, relax and achieve lots of bad guys blast and feel alarming about it.

What I'm aggravating to say is:

I don't believe, traveling aback to ONLY mapping is the way to go, but the bulk of subsystems accept gotten out of duke and I accept 5 (is it five? Betrayal, Incursion, Synthesis, Abyss & Zana, acquaint me if I'm missing something, Bestiary is such a baby affair it doesn't arrest the breeze of a map) is artlessly too much.

You can just skip it you ability say. Yeah well, accepting the tryhard I am this just doesn't feel acceptable and it shouldn't be like that for anyone. It's the aforementioned acumen I chock-full arena W0W in the accepted Add-on: there is just too abundant bits to do in altered locations of the bold (all the third affair accepting aswell obviously) and too little of the absolute fun accepting (making pixels pop).

I achievement GGG finds a acceptable way to accompany all this aback in antithesis and I am hopeful because at the aforementioned time the bold has become bigger and added able and there is so abundant acceptable to say about it I don't even apperceive area to begin. Aboriginal and foremost their accuracy and communication.

Dear GGG, acknowledgment for accepting a animated archetype to the apple on how to advance a bold and accumulate it active by seeing yourself somewhat in a affiliation with your playerbase and in actuality affectionate them.

Thanks for your time, if you apprehend all that!


Too abounding systems in the game, mapping feels bulky like that, GGG is still amazing.