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May-12-2019 Categories: news

I don't acquire fun arena PoE lately, but I absence arena it, what should I do? Artlessly put the the patterns in which the agreeable is placed, and accordingly some of the agreeable itself, drives me to boredom.

At aboriginal I artlessly had problems with leveling up new characters. Thats a assignment and it consistently will be to me, but I could put that abaft me easily, in the end already collapsed up the fun begins.

But afresh came all the amateur bureau issues that you all already apperceive too able-bodied with the expansions from Bestiary and beyond; the accepted "I don't ambition to feel like I'm absence content, I ambition to feel like I am in actuality in ascendancy of the agreeable I experience".

And afresh came the actuality that I had to re-"learn" all the crafting recepies every league. It may complete like annihilation to some, but for me it was the angled point. I abdicate Synthesis alliance like aural the aboriginal week. I was cerebration of abutting in the Flashback "race" just because I adore those, but I don't even apperceive if I will.

And afore humans alpha adventurous this; no, I don't acquire a botheration with cutting games. I played Lineage 2 ffs, now that's grinding. But at atomic that cutting acquainted like it had a purpouse, a goal, even if it was an atrocious bulk of it.

In PoE adapted now I feel like I am cutting for no rewards and about no acumen at all; cutting altered pieces of agreeable by miniscule amounts at a time because, of course, its a cutting adventurous and "too abounding rewards ability abuse the economy", but accepting no bureau into it feels like I'm advanced a millimeter every day into too abounding admonition at a time and I can't focus whatsoever, and afresh every 3 months I acquire to do it all over again. And don't even try to advance arena Standard.

At atomic in added aRPGs or MMOs I can adjudge in which zone/area of agreeable I ambition to go and do that at no cost! If annihilation I am adored all the time depending on my success, and I feel like I able something for my appearance during that day.

I don't feel like that in PoE anymore.

Sure I can buy scarabs, but is that the way aggregate is gonna go from this point forward? Aggregate to bullwork for a ages to buy and abundance scarabs so that for beneath than a anniversary I can adore some specific content?

Before, artlessly accepting admission to maps and advanced throu the album was enough, because it meant I had admission to all the dank abyss/beyond/breach stuff, which is not something you acquire to bullwork in itself; its something that spices up your capital grinding.

Now I acquire to bullwork 5 altered UIs and its a apathetic ass bullwork with what I feel are bare rewards and absurd progress, but that ability just be me.

Even if I end up at the end of the alliance with 1-2 mirrors account of items, I feel like I able nothing. Abiding I maxxed out a appearance or two, but so what?

The action in which I did so didn't absorb me that much, if annihilation it exhausted me, accepting to mentally clue and accumulate up aggregate to administer the progression of my equipement and of the altered UIs(Whats the state/stage of my syndacate? of my Temple? Of my Delve? Of my Nexus? Of my Beasts? etc.etc.).

So I capital to ask to you folks: ***What should I do to adore PoE more? Do you acquire any advice?***I absence arena it, theres no adventurous in actuality like it. I acquire been killing some time arena added kinds of games(Overwatch, Rimworld, etc.) cerebration "oh I'll just crop a breach and in no time I'll be appetite PoE again", but while I absence accepting fun in PoE, these animosity about the adventurous haven't changed.

Sorry for any syntaxt or grammatical errors, I am too asleep but I capital to abode this.

P.S: This is not meant to be a complaint appear GGG. I accept that acclimation a adventurous is harder plan and that even if players ability assume to acquire all the answers(and they act arrogant and brain as fuck about it. Gamers, entitled? Never!), sometimes something ability not adjust with their plans, or they ability be abashed of demography too abounding adventurous moves at a time. I don't like it, but it be like that sometimes. I ambition GGG acceptable luck no bulk what, easy to buy Path of exile currency because they created an altered adventurous and they assume to in actuality affliction for it above the accumulation motive, and in this day and age, not accepting alienated from the artefact of your labour and animate with something you are amorous about is a attenuate priviledge.

I artlessly aggregate what I feel about the game, in hopes that it resonates with somebody and that I ability accept some tips on how to get aback at adequate PoE.