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​POE - I Charge To Accord Credit To GGGs Chump Annual Team

news Sep-02-2019

​POE - I Charge To Accord Credit To GGGs Chump Annual Team

I've consistently played PoE through Steam and I'm actual over it. I capital to use my Steam e-mail abode and play through the Standalone client, but was afraid because I accept absolutely a few characters, MTX, and Stash tabs that I capital to accompany with me.

I contacted GGG and asked about authoritative the transition. WITHIN 5 MINUTES, I was contacted by chump service of POE RMT. Accumulate in apperception that this was about 4am NZ time, as I am in the US.

Over the next 6 hours, we exchanged 11 e-mails, and I was balked because I anticipation the GGG aggregation did not accept the request. It appeared to me that they blurred and anticipation I capital to move from Standalone to Steam.

Searching back on the e-mails, I was the one who was confused. During the complete conversation, the GGG aggregation was polite, helpful, and actual fast in responding, with a lot of advancing in beneath than 5 annual (again, alfresco of accustomed business hours).

After 6 hours of no progress, it appeared that the GGG aggregation was annoyed with their final answer, while I was still clumsy to play on Standalone with my characters/MTX/stash. To bright the confusion, I absitively to alpha over with a beginning support admission and explain added in depth.

It angry out that I no best had admission to the e-mail abode that I originally angry to my annual if I created it 5+ years ago. GGG began allurement questions to accept me verify that I in actuality endemic the account. Afterwards 6 e-mails of questions, I became annoyed (my accountability completely) and less-than-politely abreast the CS aggregation that I acquainted I had provided accurate affidavit that I endemic the account.

The aggregation afresh replied bound and politely, reminding me of the accent of accepting 100% abiding that a assertive accepting owns the annual they are aggravating to change. They had me accomplish a throwaway annual and accommodate annual data as a final check, and they manually afflicted my annual e-mail, as I was clumsy to complete this step.

After 12 hours and 33 complete e-mails aback and forth, I am abl to play on the Standalone applicant with my characters, MTX, and Stash tabs from my Steam days. Throughout the complete process, GGG's abutment aggregation was polite, patient, and thorough. In 15 responses, alone 2 even took added than 5 annual from my antecedent e-mail.

Thank you GGG. I am addled by how abundant your aggregation is.