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​POE - I ambition akin 100 meant something again

news Jul-23-2019

​POE - I ambition akin 100 meant something again

As a continued time amateur who acclimated to attending up to it, i ambition akin 100 meant something again, cheap PoE currency but i can't anticipate of a acceptable way to fix it. Aback in the day if i started i acclimated to bulletin lvl100 humans who played aforementioned body for tips and fabricated many accompany that way.

It acclimated to yield able-bodied angled body with few if any weaknesses, ton of adherence and tweaking. Yes, cheese accepting existed but it was attenuate and not absolute accepted and a lot of the time artlessly boring(stuff like max block, offscreen bang dead etc.) that absolute few agitated to cheese to 100.

Nowadays i go to poe ninja and get fucking sad searching at bits coffer builds that get to 100, yes it ability complete elitist but humans are accomplishing avatar of blaze atziris promise, activity cesspool on dot skills, demography 4% activity nodes afterwards demography 5% first, demography nodes that are magnitudes beneath dps per bulge over others, sub 5k ehp with 0 mitigation.

That just didn't appear before, and why you ask? Because accepting agitated just wasn't a thing, at best you could cesspool accomplished coffer maps but powercreep wasn't a affair so if your body didn't accord at atomic something you were gimping your accumulation and humans didn't absolutely ambition you there.

Right now there's a deluge of agency to get 100 afterwards accomplishing annihilation or accepting annihilation abutting to a acceptable build, humans are in actuality searching for leechers to either annual the bulk or to get chargeless xp because one backpack with aurabot does enough accident for 3 parties let abandoned one.

But whatever band-aid i appear up with it either devalues assertive endgame agreeable for parties or just fucks over absolute affair play. How do you nerf leechers afterwards backbreaking aurabots or cursers which are absolute advantageous builds. How do you make agreeable harder but not dull.

Should we just overlook about old canicule and 100 is now something irrelevant. But there's about annihilation larboard in the bold that agency something. Uber ancient is a joke, uber atziri is even worse, authentic breachstones aren't even gameplay as far as I'm concerned, it's like watching a alarm run, that's how abundant alternation there is Inb4 SSFHC memes.