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​POE - I acquire a apathetic playstyle

news Dec-01-2019

​POE - I acquire a apathetic playstyle

I acquire a apathetic playstyle. The aboriginal canicule of the league, I played several hours a day. That's down to beneath than an hour on weekdays and 1-2 h on weekends.

I play about alone witches. The majority of those are beloved necromancers. I play semi-SSF; I acquire one acquaintance I barter items with cheap poe chaos orbs, if something drops to one of us that the added one needs/wants more. I've been afflicted and clumsy to six-link my best section of anatomy armor so far, but in animosity of that...

There is still some time larboard on this league, but it has already baffled all antecedent annal apropos my achievements. It's the aboriginal alliance breadth I complete the atlas. I just met the Shaper for the aboriginal time (and yes, I exhausted him). I'm about to go for the Uber Elder, and it just blows. My. Mind.

As far as I can tell, the alliance itself was about altogether advised for my affectionate of player. I adulation belfry aegis games. To my apathetic appearance of play, the rewards are phenomenal. Abnormally the scarab nodes are ridiculously good.

But the bigger boost, I think, has appear from the new adept system. By strategically extenuative my Zana dailies for the highest-tier maps I own, I attempt abundant higher, abundant quicker, in the album compared to all antecedent leagues.

And already I could do bank 16 maps, plonking a Zana circadian on top would appealing abundant ensure not abandoned sustain, but that my bank 16 map basin is growing. It's just absurd how nice that is.

So a actual aboveboard acknowledge you, GGG. The league's been an complete blast. I will not get all the challenges, or even abutting (probably about 25 or so), but I am assault claimed bests larboard and right. It feels absolutely good.