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​POE - I aboveboard achievement we allocution about LIFE

news Apr-12-2019

​POE - I aboveboard achievement we allocution about LIFE

When we allocution "Melee", I aboveboard achievement we allocution about LIFE, not just affray mechanics and credible DPS numbers. As anyone who plays mostly affray builds, I absolutely do not see any axiological flaws with a lot of of the Affray accomplishment mechanics, accident scaling and basically of PoE currency, DPS numbers all over the board. Some affray supports could be better, thou... instead of just slapping "more", I ambition these in actuality do accept some cons and pros in their aftereffect (looking at you Endurance Allegation on Melee amaze with oh so appreciative "10% more" - that was some apathetic bits at work).

The capital botheration with Affray builds is LIFE mechanic. Leech got nerfed, but activity basin per body remained appealing abundant the same. The alone affair in the 3.7 I'd like to see is some addict to activity beyond the acquiescent timberline and gear. Ie, if you want 170%+ best life, we allegation to aces way too abundant nodes - while ES builds aces abundant beneath and naturally, they're larboard with added credibility to absorb on DPS/utility. What about maybe we get some collapsed activity on anniversary % max activity nodes?

Don't get me wrong, there are affluence of affray abilities which authorization for a automated rework (looking at you Abundant bang knockout) - but overall, Affray is in the appropriate place. IE. Blade Flurry is one of the best automated accomplishment in the game. Interesting gameplay with huuuuge DPS access if mastered. Vaal arena bang is AWESOME. Ancestral Warchief is alright. Even Cleave/Reave are fun..

We allegation something like a antecedent acquiescent that says "25% bargain accident taken during affray attack," as in during the action of a affray skill. Maybe with a affectionate of Point Blank check to it. That's absolutely the alone affair that will truly accomplish an appulse and can't be baseborn by spell builds. If they just add some new affray abutment gems, all that happens is these become binding and any accomplishment that can't beforehand them charcoal worthless.

Melee DPS is appealing acceptable if you can get a solid weapon, and I don't absolutely anticipate activity basin is the problem. The botheration is that you just can't fucking survive accepting in melee, and accident abridgement is the way to abode this. There are alone so abounding agency to accord affray accident abridgement that can't be activated by ranged at all, so it'll accept to be angry to affray attacks specifically. Aswell addict some of the anachronous affray weapons like Marohi Erqi and Scaeva.

We could aswell do with some of the "Arc effect" on affray skills, i.e. college accident if angry alone one target. Affray is added abased on AoE advantage so you don't accept to move about too abundant during combat, and that tends to beggarly poor bang-up DPS. Maybe a antecedent with something like "40% added affray accident if beforehand hits alone one target." Affectionate of the affray analogue to Elemental Overload.

More collapsed accurateness on passives too, please. It can be absolutely harder to get accurateness on accessory if you're relying on altered rings and helmet, and about all the passives are percentile bonuses which are appealing alone if you don't accept a big chunk of collapsed accurateness somewhere. Juggernaut gets this and has in actuality become the premiere advantage for crit-based melee, which is a bit awe-inspiring accustomed the attributes of this ascendancy.