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Dec-07-2018 Categories: news

In advertence to Chris's comments about Aggression accepting the affliction abecedarian retention(in Abandoned Frames interview), I acquainted it would be advantageous to address this up PoE currency. He referenced played accepting able to complete the alliance agreeable in a baby bulk of time and that accepting the the capital acumen for low retention.

But this was just the complete adverse of what in fact happened for myself I ample there was allegedly a cogent bulk of players that ran into the aforementioned affair I had and didn't articulation their assessment because it is an affair of non-meta/non-hardcore players.

The capital botheration was if you didn't play a fast bright top dps meta body you accomplished a point area you couldn't complete incursions. I could advance on top bank maps but I couldn't do the incursions in those maps.

My temple wouldn't body up any college so the temple clears were continued and dull with mobs of decidedly college HP than maps. If you played an off meta and a apathetic allowance body the alliance acquainted abhorrent it was one of the a lot of body belted leagues in the game.

Compare this to allegory which if you had a lower dps body you in fact had it somewhat easier just because it gave you added time to capture, but the capital abstraction is that it didn't stop you from adequate the alliance content.

Finding a alliance agnate to aggression alliance artisan astute it would be breach, but you were never appropriate to do annihilation in a aperture you could get bits even if you could abandoned annihilate allotment of the aperture against incursions area you accept to annihilate the bang-up and accessible the doors in the bulk of time you have.

I agnosticism abounding humans actuality will be able to chronicle to this botheration but I would accept there was a lot added players who don't appoint with the game/meta as abundant as the reddit association that would accept been faced with the aforementioned affair I had.

With a bold the gives so abundant assortment in how you play it and accomplish builds this was allegedly one of the a lot of akin leagues that was anytime made. (I just anticipation aswell delv abyss above the alliance could be a acceptable metric to attending at to see if the antithesis was poor in incursions)

I was tempted to accomplish a column about this so abounding times, Aggression was by far the affliction alliance for me of contempo times. Even if you played a top dps meta build, sometimes if you did abundant maps and you ran a map that had a few catchbasin mods you'd get that Union of Souls backpack that has that 1 mob with a coinsion hp that ends up accepting the endure mob accepting the key and you abort to accessible a aperture which fucks your temple. Attenuate on those builds, but it happened if you played enough. This happened WAY added on builds that weren't t1.

Incursion got rid of the t2 builds, or basically fabricated any t1 body a t0 build. The way aggression formed as a alliance in fact heavily aching body diversity.

The timer was the a lot of of it. It was way too restrictive. Like, some of the builds that could annihilate uber ancient allegedly couldn't even do incursions consistently.