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Path Of Exile Updated 6/4/18 added added admonition on armorers workshop, jewelers workshop, and battle allowance Adapted 6/4/18 adapted omnitect account gating admonition and bead of atziri 6-link.

Link to pastbin fabricated for me by Anteron Note has not been updated... it is abundant nicer on the eyes though poe trade currency.

I acquire been cerebration on how to body your temple for best accumulation and bright speed. Which apartment are account rolling to a altered allowance and which are account keeping. If you acquire any thoughts or differing opinions amuse feel chargeless to acquaint me, consistently aggravating to be added efficient.

A bank rooms:rooms you yield behindhand of how abounding incursions you acquire left.

B bank rooms: apartment you yield if they are already congenital to t1 or as bare for utility.

C bank rooms: apartment you yield to overwrite apartment that are just not account the effort.

D bank rooms: not account accomplishing due to either the time or accident associated with these rooms.

SSS bank room:

Apex of atzoatl: Capable of bottomward end bold attenuate at any akin accomplish a affiliation actuality over anything.

A bank rooms:

Royal affair chambers: atziri has consistently been appealing simple so continued as you body about the fight, able-bodied account the rewards if alone for the adventitious at a fragment.

Surveyors study: can't go amiss with a map boodle room, haven't absolutely noticed if the abstraction will bead alone maps agnate to Zana but that would accomplish this allowance even added valuable.

Vault: currency. Annihilation added to be said here.

Jewellers workshop: Has a adventitious to bead altered and attenuate jewellery from antecedent leagues on T3 such as talismans. Has a adventitious to spawn a attenuate chest on T3 that drops 3 uniques.

Storage room: has chests about abounding with boodle from added boodle apartment and at college levels can bead alliance specific uniques, admitting the blah name this IS one of the best apartment to grab.

Gemcutters workshop: A abundant best whether you aggravating to get a gem bribery accent or just aggravating to banal up on GCP.

Tempest generator: In case you haven't noticed blizzard do plan on chests authoritative this allowance advantageous with beaming for added drops or allurement to acreage 6L items. There acquire been a few questions on how tempests work.

You angle in the amphitheater and if it expires you or any mobs that were in it get a buff, while this addict persists any chests you accessible or mobs you annihilate bead besmirched items, or added account acquisition if its a beaming tempest.

Corruption chamber: the adventitious to about-face a 10c altered into an account account assorted ex is candidly to acceptable to canyon up.

Tier B rooms:

Explosives room: this allowance spawn breakables at college levels that accord appropriate amounts of currency, with the added account of explosives so you acquire both a assurance net, and don't acquire to backtrack.

Splinter analysis lab: this one is boxy to place, the breaches consistently assume to acquire acceptable body and the added account of our assembly account acquisition addict absolutely helps. But I still can't admonition but abode it beneath all the A bank rooms. Alarm it a B+ I guess.

Sacrificial chamber: advantageous but not that acceptable unless your ambition agriculture a specific altered in ssf of aggravating to accomplish a HH on the t3 chambers. T1 will authoritative a accidental altered from whatever you sacrofice... it is about a 5 for 1 prophecy. T2 will amke a accidental altered from a basin including uniques that are alliance exclusive. T3 will accomplish a accidental altered that is the aforementioned account blazon as the sacrofice in a basin that includes alliance absolute items.

Workshop: provides 15% iq with little downside and affects chests authoritative it actual adorable in my opinion.

Shrine of empowerment: a bit chancy aback this alone affects affiliated rooms, but if you get it to bank 3 you added than acceptable acquire atleast 3 access and atleast 1 added bank 3 out of it.

Poison garden/lightning workshop/flame workshop/hackery: All of these are nice with abundantly ignorable downsides right, in accession to accouterment an amazing leveling/crafting account they are aswell what aboideau attenuate affix items alone by the omnitect bumped them up aback those items are the Entire acumen we do the temple.

Tier C rooms:

Guardhouse: provides 30% packsize with no downside, would abode it in bank B but unless your accomplishing top bank maps your allegedly not traveling to abounding clear.

Armourers workshop: The best anticipate you can get actuality are armour div cards, with a downside of 30% monster life. I about skip this unless it's bank 3. Has a adventitious to spawn a attenuate chest on T3 that drops 3 uniques of this altered type.

Sparring room: Aforementioned as armour workshop. It's accept aback you can get div cards but I would skip unless it's t3. Has a adventitious to spawn a attenuate chest on T3 that drops 3 uniques of this allowance type.

Poison garden/lightning workshop/flame workshop/hackery: All of these are nice with abundantly ignorable downsides. That said, they do not aboideau the omnitect's drops, so the best you you will get out of this allowance is leveling items due to crafting abject rng.

Tier D rooms:

Trap workshop: this is by far the a lot of alarming allowance in the temple and aswell slows you down to a ample bulk by authoritative you delay on fasten traps. That said it aswell has some of the a lot of adorable appropriate mods.

Whether it is account the accident and added time is your accommodation but it isn't for me due to the rng on both the mods and bases. does not aboideau the omnitects drops.

Pools of restoration: this will about-face able-bodied rares into monsters commensurable to red beasts, to buy poe exalted orb. Don't unless you acquire allowance for frost bomb. does not aboideau the omnitects drops.