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Aug-06-2018 Categories: news

Hi there, I feel amateur reactions to accepting GGG says/does/doesn't do are at this point Kafkaesque - data in a moment, but the accustomed vibe of it is awkward, with a arresting contempo archetype forth the curve of "we acutely charge to accumulate in-game fun as low as attainable - how abroad could it accumulate traveling forever?". How batty do we accept to be as a accumulation that some contrarily reasonable accepting complete acceptable in actuality believes that, and a lot of others don't see annihilation amiss with that logic?

Before traveling further: PoE is a great game, and I accept been arena it aback attainable beta started - I've enjoyed bags of hours of gameplay for which I am grateful, and it's the bold I've spent a lot of real-world money on. I do feel it's afloat added and added abroad from what I would've admired it to become, and that huge amounts of abeyant are ashen for what appears to be banking accretion (N kinds of backing tabs, added and added of which are added or beneath must-have, added and added spamming with "press M" in bold for assorted affidavit etc.).

Think of the Butcher's allowance in Diablo - that activity was what got me into the "genre" and crumbling amaranthine hours through Diablo II, MedianXL and PoE, and I feel the accustomed administration of PoE leads complete abundant abroad from that. This is about a affair for some added day - I am now decidedly absorbed (to the point of posting, which as a acceptable lurker is no baby thing) about the amateur reactions on reddit and the official appointment to awe-inspiring / advancing decisions, account and information, of which there is added and added recently.

The a lot of contempo odd reaction: the Chinese adaptation of the bold has a Headhunter mod - top column amateur reactions are "oh no, amuse don't accompany that into the capital game, that would accomplish the bold arid afterwards the league". This is batty for several reasons, a part of which:

- We should wish fun - that's why we play videogames, ffs; you can't accept too abundant fun in a videogame, it's the accomplished abuse point of arena it;

- It's not our (the players') job to accumulate the numbers up on beef - yes, we like Mr. Wilson/GGG, but it's their job to accumulate the bold fun, we play it and pay for it (anybody who cares the atomic bit about the HH breadth affix one way or the added about absolutely has added than 4 backing tabs);

- Yes, it's harder to accumulate a bold interesting, and there may be a ambiguous paralel to LoL/URF, but that's what anamnesis leagues do in PoE - Legacy was "we didn't accept time to accomplish up new stuff, so here's the best of aggregate appropriately far" and the one afterwards Bestiary was "we apologize for Bestiary". Humans awash to play 3.0 afterwards Legacy and Incursion afterwards "Bestiary-Whoopsie" because the bold brought new, absorbing accepting - the actuality that the leagues afore them had fabricated harder accepting added attainable didn't stop that. See aswell point A2 - we just play the game; if it's fun, we'll arise aback to it, if it isn't, ambience an acutely arid baseline to accumulate new leagues agilely absorbing will not accompany players in/back, and it's absolutely not what we as players should accept as a top antecedence - we (should) wish fun...

- Tencent fabricated / absent money, accumulated overlords, China PoE is (more) p2w, etc. - that's a asleep horse if there anytime was one; whatever is accident to PoE now has annihilation to do with Tencent money; if anything, the... sellout, let's alarm it, is just addition side-effect, but why / what do we affliction about who owns who? The "garage startup" aeon of GGG is far abundant abaft them to let it go, they are a ample aggregation now and were already afore affairs annihilation to Tencent.

They behave and will behave as a aggregation - let's focus on what they do with the game, not with the money.