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Nov-07-2018 Categories: news

How I anticipate Delve should accept been, one-shot mechanics needs to end.

#1 How I anticipation it would be

When GGG appear Delve as an INFINITE dungeon, I thought: Ok, at some point I will hit a bank afresh I will allegation to acreage added with my character, get bigger items and try again.

How do you apperceive you hit a bank in an RPG? If you can't annihilate the monsters faster enough, demography tooooo continued to annihilate them, so because of this time, added and added monsters will appear and you will allegation a strategy. Maybe you will allegation to position in some way, annihilate abate amounts of monters actuality and there. A bad archetype of it is GR in Diablo 3, appliance this just because anybody knows it.

... but that's not what is happening.

#2 What GGG did

Monsters in Delve accept added activity and damage. However, the accident scales waaay faster than the life.

Don't get hit meta

Because accident scales faster you end up with just one choice, just don't get hit. ALL builds that went absolute abysmal were focused on it. At assertive level, all builds die if hit.

Monsters still die too fast

With the low scalling of life, your accident is accomplished to still annihilate all mobs faster. You end up in a fast draw with anniversary mob, who shoots aboriginal and don't miss, wins.

The advantageous factor!

You are there, farming, Delve 200... afresh you get one-shot. However, you were just farming, because your body can do Delve 500. You can do Delve 500 like 10 times and get one-shot already there.

Same for Delve 700 maybe if you are Lucky!

You are not hitting a wall. The bold is not cogent you: hey, you can't go any further. The bold is saying: Hey, if you are advantageous next time you can do it.

This is just... No. Advantageous should not be a agency here, we already accept affluence of that on drops.

#3 How to fix it

Change the activity % / accident % ratio. Something like, for anniversary 200% life, 1% damage.

(I'm blank mods just to abridge the idea, but 1% including mods)

- So how do you apperceive you hit a wall?

When you are in a Delve and you just realised you accept been there for 20 annual and you can't annihilate the mobs and if they get afterpiece to you, two or three hits are traveling to annihilate you.

- The activity changes.

You will not be punished randomly. You will be punished by time spent aggravating to annihilate mobs you can't kill. Remember, time is money, I beggarly anarchy orbs.

You will allegation strategy, maybe go to corners, maybe acquisition a abode in the black to aeroplane mobs or to just aback off for a moment.

- Are you adage Delve should feel like old PoE?

Yes, something like that.

At some point mobs should accept Shaper's HP or even more, but they don't one advance you, maybe two hits, accept fun kiting that in the darkness. If you see 50 mobs on your awning with a soo huge HP that you can't annihilate any of them, you are lacking damage, the bold is cogent you, you allegation bigger gear.

- Final thoughts.

Tried to abridge the abstraction so it would not be too long, so no continued details, feel chargeless to add.

Delve is AMAZING, but I don't like the abstraction breadth from Delve 500 to 3000 the added important affair is lucky. This don't get hit meta is abhorrent for the bold and it's absolutely impaired I would say, not for those who acclimated it, but because that's the abandoned way.