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SheepSlapper Said that aggressive by the cilia about mapping for idiots (like me) acquaint a few weeks back, I absitively to do a bit of a academician dump about businesslike coins flipping. It's a appropriate way to accomplish some additional change if you hit a bank while advanced the bold (and aswell a air-conditioned acumen into the PoE market - poe buy currency). Check it out, acknowledgment about my singing welcome.

Why flip?

Because you're poor and wish to be beneath poor, but can't get affluent mapping/crafting/whatever-ing actually yet.

Why not flip?

It's arid and you'll wish to bandy your appearance into an ele reflect map afterwards accomplishing it for like 20 annual just to stop the pain.

I'm active beneath a bedrock and don't apperceive what flipping is...

It's like LARPing as one of those bodies in the airport kiosks that yield your home country's money and turns it into the bounded coins (for a baby fee). It combines the fun of both algebraic and continuing AFK in your hideout! You set up buy/sell orders for coins and the accumulation you accomplish is the allowance amid the two.

What affectionate of money do you make?

I angry 60c into 1500c over the advance of three canicule while still mapping as accustomed (well bare the 20 abnormal it takes to bead out of the map to accomplish a trade). My best margins were on day 2 breadth I fabricated 88% over ~600 anarchy account of trades.

What should I flip?

Watch the video! Abnormally the allotment about the Devil's Three Way, because that's the best money appropriate now. BUT FINE actuality are some.

Examples from the bazaar appropriate now!

I gave up on flipping coins this alliance (now I'm ripping HC characters in Act 6), but I'm still analytical what affectionate of money humans are authoritative appropriate now application anniversary blazon of flip. Actuality are examples from the bazaar appropriate now and their returns:

- Missionary Flip: Transmutes are listed at 40t:1c and 1c:35t, 40/35 = 14% profit.

- Three Way Flip: Exalts are listed about 81c:1x, alchs are 260a:1x and 2.2a:1c. 260/2.2/81 = 46% profit.

- Devil's Three Way Flip: Transmutes and whetstones are listed at 40:1c, wisdoms are 100:1c, 160/100 = 60% profit.