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​POE - GGG Please address a ability to the barter API issue

news Jun-15-2019

​POE - GGG Please address a ability to the barter API issue

This is just an advancing affair ruining the experience.

- I'm accepting bombarded with letters account and sometimes hours afterwards affairs items.

- 75% of humans either don't acknowledge or say "sold" because the API isn't auspicious data.

- The website is consistently breeding errors if analytic (when it in actuality searches).

I'm abiding you are acquainted of the affair and you are alive on abundant bugs alfresco of the barter api, but you gotta get anyone analytic into this... The botheration is that admitting acutely raking in money, growing constantly, and accomplishing acutely able-bodied as a business, they are still a baby team. The absolute aggregation is something like <150 employees.

For the aggregate of plan they do, agreeable they put out, and the aggregate of issues they still allegation to fix, they should be at atomic >500 if not >1000. They're acutely not growing their alignment to bout their needs.

From a developer standpoint, to alone accept one aggregation churning out new, assembly accessible agreeable every 3 months is air-conditioned and agency a lot of things are accepting done ailing or amiss due to the rush. This is aswell actual acceptable causing some agent burnout, authoritative things worse. They should accept two teams on 6 ages rotations.

Part of the issue, surely, is their location. Accepting amid in NZ allegedly agency the aptitude basin is about bound (I'm apperception but I'm abiding NZ like added English speaking countries adventures tech academician cesspool to silicon valley).

And GGG seems to be afraid to move to a bound plan or assorted appointment system. Which I can accept to an extent. Creative ventures like the brawl or video bold industry account & PoE trade currency abundantly from accepting anybody in the aforementioned office, it just makes accord added efficient. It aswell reduces the risks of administration accommodation battles and centralized political/culture schisms.

All you accept to do is attending at the development of Anthem to see how this can go very, actual badly. So I accept the affection to accumulate anybody "in house". The botheration is, as you said, the demands on the aggregation are growing exponentially with every alliance as the bold has now assuredly appear to bang-up the ARPG bazaar (and is acceptable the a lot of accustomed ARGP in history). But the accommodation is you are cartoon from a bound basin of talent.

A agnate bearings is accident with the bold Escape from Tarkov. There the botheration is even added extreme. The bold is growing steadily but relying on a Russian-speaking development aggregation cartoon on bound aptitude pools and even added astringent culture/hiring restrictions.