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​POE - General Catechism apropos League/Standard

news Oct-24-2019

​POE - General Catechism apropos League/Standard

Hey Guys!

I started PoE 5 weeks ago and i'm in fact sucking the bits out of it. Reached lvl91 bygone and i'm still accepting a complete bang with my Lacerate/Bladestorm - Bleed/Curse Gladiator (i just started arena and didnt chase any build-guide or so.

Atm i anticipate i will not anytime just chase a guide, because for me the complete possibilitys of accomplishing your burn your way, seeing if something you anticipation about would plan and so on is the best action-RPG acquaintance ive anytime had. I started with standart league. So, my catechism is now:

When alliance ends, your burn is transfered to accepted league, right? Is every currency, every annual afresh tradable as if the accepting alone in accepted league? Are there any restrictions?

Are the new mechanics anniversary alliance the abandoned acumen a lot of humans play alliance instead of standard?

Bc i anticipate (may change in future), why wouldnt i play accepted if the new mechanics arise into bold afterwards anyway?

Why alpha from 0 every alliance and just chase the "meta" -build-guide, just to... yeah, dunno. Win the atlas?^ its like i deceit accept that humans adopt afterward a body instead of actualize your absolute own build of PoE currency. Achievement you apperceive what i mean.

Have a acceptable one everybody!