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​POE - Fast And Deadly and Blink Arrow: the abandoned straggler

news Sep-04-2019

​POE - Fast And Deadly and Blink Arrow: the abandoned straggler

The antithesis acclamation talks about affective qualities that enhance specific underperforming gems from ascendancies aback assimilate the gems themselves, PoE currency and this is great!

I in fact like the change and I anticipate it's a abundant added affected arrangement than banishment advantage picks.

They abandoned absent one; Blink/Mirror arrow cooldown seems to be the abandoned specific accomplishment addict still on an ascendancy.

My favourite body has consistently been blink arrow summoner, but blink arrow doesn't acquire any congenital in cooldown abridgement like Flame Dash/Dash/Frostblink has and Fast and Deadly armament you into Deadeye unavoidably.

If you're afraid about the body accepting too good, according to poe.ninja there were in fact 0 blink arrow summoners on the ladder in Legion.

Legion was not a acceptable alliance for summoners in general. Bama summoners acquire consistently been niche, and aloft all the a lot of big-ticket summoner build. Playernumbers will consistently be low.

In agreement of beeing "too good" - It can annihilate uber Ancient in 1:40ish (with top end gear). And so far not a individual abecedarian has even ailing accident astute with this build.

As of now the abstract max dps bow has yet to be crafted. It is apparently the abandoned beloved body that you can bandy assorted mirrors at and still acquire allowance to improve.

And we havn't even started application GOD Timeless Jewel with 300-400% added Damage.

While I abandoned wish some QoL buffs, as it is my admired build, id be accurate to not over do it.

I would alpha with simple things like abacus the "movement" tag to Mirror arrow so you can calibration both Mirror and Blink arrow with Movement Accomplishment modifiers to cooldown. Maybe absorb their enchants into one.

That should be abundant for any chic to ability 100% + cooldown reduction.