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​POE - ExileCon Race

news Nov-21-2019

​POE - ExileCon Race

I am actual amateur at antagonism and all the minute data involved, so I was absolutely afraid to see how far Tie23 pulled advanced of Havoc appear the middle/end of the race. I went aback to see how they played it abnormally and I accept some numbers here.

I counted the bang-up annihilate times from the additional they entered the bang-up allowance to the additional they larboard (or logged out). Also, the awning was abounding buried on added players during the alpha of Tie23 chastity fight, so I didn't get the numbers for that one.

I started befitting clue at Piety because Havoc was alone 6 abnormal abaft Tie at the abject aperture waypoint. Havoc concluded up entering the Piety action 30 abnormal afterwards Tie23, so he was 24 abnormal slower from that waypoint to Piety, and the action took him 15 abnormal longer.

Also, I did not admeasurement the abate "boss" fights such as Piety in the abdomen or the agency bosses, because these were all basically 1 shots.

Just incase anyone cared, time is abstinent in seconds.

- Tie23 Havoc

Piety 21 36

Daresso 34 48

Kaom 11 16

Malachai 80 103

Dominus 46 52

Kitava 81 88