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May-15-2019 Categories: news

The bold is currently so fast that it's causing problems in assorted areas. I do not anticipate that our movement acceleration or attack/cast acceleration is a botheration - accepting top movement acceleration and attack/cast acceleration helps the bold feel smoother and added enjoyable. The botheration is in how bound we annihilate things and how bound we can be killed. It's causing problems in the afterward areas (and acceptable others that I've not anticipation of PoE currency, too):

# Melee

So we all apperceive that melee's in a bad way. GGG will allegedly be acclimation it in 3.7 (although it charcoal to be apparent what admission they take). However, melee's bigger issues are artlessly monster activity and monster damage.

Monster activity is a botheration because the bold is currently in a accompaniment breadth aggregate that isn't a tanky attenuate or a bang-up gets one-shot. We currently absorb added time alive to the next haversack than we do angry them. This is abnormally impactful for affray characters (and even added so for "true melee" characters who use single-target or baby AoE attacks) because they accept to absorb even added time travelling to enemies, authoritative their bright even slower. If monsters had significantly added bloom afresh the gap amid affray and ranged characters would abate significantly. Affray aswell feels bad in allegory to ranged characters because ranged characters can accidentally off-screen enemies, afresh due to our accident accepting so huge compared to enemies' health.

(I can't see GGG accomplishing annihilation to abode this botheration in 3.7)

Monster accident is aswell a botheration for melee. Monsters do a lot of accident in high-tier maps, or while delving. Affray characters accept to be far afterpiece to their enemies to accord damage, so they're far added acceptable to yield damage. However, the defences just aren't there to accredit affray characters to yield that akin of damage:

- Armour does annihilation adjoin non-physical accident (and basal or anarchy accident is generally the a lot of deadly), and the way it scales agency it's atomic advantageous adjoin big hits if you charge accident acknowledgment the most.

- Fortify is a abundant abstraction in theory, but it doesn't accomplish up all the defences a affray appearance needs, and, although adjoin the spirit of it, casters generally accretion admission to Fortify, too, so it doesn't in fact angle out as an advantage for melee characters. I doubtable that Fortify abutment may see some changes in 3.7 so that it becomes a adorable abutment gem for capital skills, although I don't anticipate this would be the appropriate admission - I'm not a fan of abutment gems that you feel you accept to take.

- Life. Characters in the basal larboard of the timberline do get admission to added activity than added areas of the tree, but it just isn't all that significant. It wasn't an absurd bulk afore this patch, but it in fact pales in allegory to all the ES that casters accept admission to now (or rather, that casters accept consistently had admission to, but has afresh become abundant added attainable for non-CI/low-life builds acknowledgment to changes to Eldritch Battery and the ES Leech abutment gem). I brainstorm there will acceptable be added activity added to the basal larboard of the tree. It's a appropriate abundant bandaid, but I'd rather monster accident be bargain instead for affidavit I'll go into later.

Melee characters just don't accept the health/sustainability appropriate to antithesis out the actuality that they accept to get so abutting to enemies.

# Ailments & cachet effects

Ailments and cachet furnishings just aren't in a abundant abode either, afresh due to enemies dying so quickly. I'll go through them individually:

- Shock - excluding builds that either use Inpulsa's and/or are Elementalists, if was the endure time you factored in shock at all? It's not decidedly admired while allowance because aggregate gets one-shot anyway, so you accept no use for the added damage. It's not abundant adjoin a lot of administration because you can't do abundant accident to shock them anyway. Unless you're application Inpulsa's/Elementalist, it's generally not account aggravating to shock at all - just application Basal Focus support will be both college and added reliable damage. If approved enemies had added bloom afresh abominable them would in fact be advantageous and could acceleration up killing them.

- Arctic - this is nice adjoin bosses, but it's not generally while allowance that you'll accept any admiration to arctic enemies. Why arctic them if you could just one-shot them instead?

- Benumb - apparently the ailment in the affliction place. You wish to benumb enemies to activate Herald of Ice explosions and to blast corpses, but if was the endure time you capital to benumb an adversary afterwards it accepting for one of those reasons? Administration are mostly allowed to freezes due to their top bloom pools, so they're not advantageous there. It's so attenuate that an adversary has a baby abundant bloom basin that you can benumb it (and not one-shot it) but aswell is abundant of a threat that you wish to benumb it. Benumb as an ailment (as adjoin to as a Herald of Ice or body abolition enabler) is basically abortive in the accepted accompaniment of the game.

- Burning/ignite - I'm alignment these calm because they're functionally the same. DoTs in accepted are in a awe-inspiring abode - afresh due to enemies dying too quickly; there's no point inflicting DoTs to acclaim your hit accident because you can just one-shot with your hits instead. If we're killing as fast as we do, DoTs accept to annihilate finer instantly or they feel bad in comparison. There are a brace of burn builds that feel accept at the moment, but even then, you accept to hit the enemies and rather than them dying instantly you accept to delay for their bloom to drain, so it's slower than a hit-based build. There's never a moment in the bold in its accepted accompaniment breadth you're arena a hit-based build and wish to burn an adversary for the added accident it deals (the burn accident itself, not for aberrant accident due to Combustion abutment or whatever). The accident is a) extraneous because ignites blot at the moment afterwards investment, but added chiefly b) extraneous because 99% of the enemies will already be asleep from the hit.

- Poison - it's a agnate botheration to ignite's: the adversary has to survive for the ailment to even do anything. Poison suffers even more, though, because it relies on assorted instances so it takes far best for accident to access up. Poison has its own issues on top of that, with Assassin accepting the alone way to in fact accomplish it applicable at the moment, but even if it was added attainable for added ascendancies it's just bad for clearing, breadth you wish upfront accident in the current meta.

- Cesspool - I about overlook to add this (it's the absolute endure affair I'm typing). Yeah. So cesspool exists. It's not decidedly good, in ample allotment because basal and anarchy accident are so abundant stronger than concrete accident at the moment, and (again) because upfront accident is so abundant bigger if monsters die so quickly. It can be accept if you get a absolute well-rolled weapon and advance into bleed, but it doesn't feel abundant for clearing.

As an aside, seeing as I've mentioned the accompaniment of DoTs a brace of times: algid DoTs and anarchy DoTs are currently absolute strong. However, this is mostly because they annihilate so bound that they ability as able-bodied be advised one-shots while clearing. They do feel altered while bossing or adjoin high-health enemies, though, which they should - they accept absolute connected abiding accident and acquiesce for abundant added focus on accession than hit-based builds, however, their damage can't be pushed as high.

# Dying to one-shots

Monster accident is so top about to our bloom pools that we usually alone die to one-shots, or to assorted hits in such quick assumption that it ability as able-bodied accept been a one-shot. If was the endure time you died by attrition?

Or got beaten down into acquiescence (not just hit once), to the point breadth you had to aback off and recover? Deaths are so quick that a half-second lag fasten can annihilate you, and it's not aberrant for players to not even accept what asleep them. Monster accident accepting so top aswell agency that advance into defence just isn't account it aloft a assertive point for a lot of builds; you charge to accommodated a assertive alpha breadth you can survive baby hits but, aloft that, the best defence is for aggregate to be dead. Some enemies will one-shot you (or as acceptable as) whether you assemblage defence or not, so the best affair to do is just contrivance their hits and annihilate them as bound as possible.

# Flasks

Flasks suffer, both due to how bound we bright and how afflicted to one- or two-shots we are. A lot of players use an burning bloom alembic because if you survive a hit, you're acceptable to be on such low bloom that you charge to antithesis instantly afore addition hit comes in that finishes you off. It's alone in fact at the alpha of a new alliance on your aboriginal appearance breadth activity flasks accept any affectionate of absorbing alternation - you can sustain if you administer your flasks properly, but you can't just spam them because you'll be application accuse added bound than you can accomplish them. Combat feels far added appropriate and agreeable at this point in the game, breadth you're accepting to action enemies (rather than just exploding them and affective on) and they can be alarming to you but not baleful if you administer it all properly. Admitting backward game, you columnist your 12345 key 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 keys every 5 abnormal and don't even anticipate about alembic accuse unless it's a bang-up fight.

# Solutions

The accessible band-aid is to access monster bloom and lower monster accident (it's abnormally accessible that I'd advance it seeing as my accomplished column is on the affair of problems that are acquired by low monster bloom and top monster damage!).

Ideally, it'd charge to be appealing huge changes - I'd alone alpha in the arena of 4x health, 1/4 accident and plan from there - but it'd charge to be bit-by-bit so the association doesn't backfire too much. I would adulation to see GGG run abbreviate - perhaps two weeks - mini-leagues as a testbed for ample changes like I've suggested. We apperceive how important association acknowledgment is to them and their architecture process, and it'd be a abundant befalling for them to get added testing done.