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Jun-10-2018 Categories: news

With the new besmirched implicits alien and featured this league, there's been a lot of alternation with gem tags. This has accent a lot of the aberancy and inconsistencies aural the gem tag system, which is generally complete counter-intuitive and frustrating.

Some of the anomalies:

- There's no "Wand" tag, but there's a "Bow" tag and a "Melee" tag. Wands are the abandoned weapon blazon that don't get abundantly categorized. (There's no "Unarmed" tag either, but that may or may not be necessary. It would be nice, though.)

- As a consequence, wand-specific abilities (Kinetic Bang and Power Siphon) accept the "Projectile" tag instead, and are afflicted by +to Akin of Projectile Gems. However, bow abilities do not accept the Projectile tag - even ones that consistently blaze a simple projectile, like Burning Arrow! These are absolutely artless by +to Akin of Projectile Gems, adjoin all logic.

- Afresh there's Barrage, which is a bow and wand-only projectile skill, which just has the tags "Attack" and "Bow". These are the aforementioned tags as Tornado Shot, which is a bow-only accomplishment - back they accept altered weapon chic restrictions, why do they accept the aforementioned tags?

- By the way, Ranged Attack Totem Abutment is specific to just bows and wands too, like Barrage - but it does accept the Projectile tag. Not abiding why.

- Abilities that can be acclimated with all weapon classes (Frenzy, Puncture, and Basal Hit) accept the Affray tag, so they get afflicted by +to Akin of Affray Gems, even if they are not in actuality accepting acclimated in melee. However, they don't accept a Projectile tag, so they will not be additional by +to Akin of Projectile Gems, even if they are accepting acclimated as a projectile! This agency that while application a wand, if you wish to addition your Basal Hit gem levels, you can use +to Affray Gems, but not +to Projectile Gems. What.

- Abilities and supports that accept basal interactions are inconsistent: Basal Proliferation Abutment (as able-bodied as Discharge and Basal Hit) has the tags Fire, Cold, Lightning, and is additional by corresponding + to Akin mods.

However, added tri-elemental gems like Purity of Elements, Basal Weakness, and Basal Focus abridgement those tags entirely, and will not be additional by any basal gem akin mods, admitting accepting absolutely basal in nature.

There's added tangentially accompanying issues, such as gems defective specific advice about what weapons they plan with (e.g. Charged Dash not alive while unarmed) that could be neatly anchored with a bigger tag system, too.

My suggestions:

1, Add Baton and Caught tags.

2, Accept Bow-tagged gems accede mods to levels of projectile gems, back they already accede affinity with projectile abutment gems... or just add the Projectile tag to Bow gems (cleaner and simpler).

3, Either add an Basal tag, or add Fire, Cold, and Lightning tags to elemental-specific gems.

4, Possibly, accomplish modifiers to gem levels from items add a "Skill has +x levels" modifier, which is abased on the accomplishment in actuality accepting acclimated as the tag specifies. For instance, socketing a akin 20 Frenzy in a "+2 to Akin of Affray Gems" annual wouldn't in actuality accomplish it a akin 22 gem per se, cheap poe currency but would affect its accident and tooltip as connected as it is acclimated with a affray weapon. Swapping to a bow or baton would anticipate the mod from affecting it. This would crave a adequately ample rework and is apparently unlikely, but the functionality ability be advantageous in the approaching with new items or new tags.