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Jan-07-2019 Categories: news

How to complete "Defeat Megaera with 10 alive Molten Skeletons"?

1, Go buy Abundant Bang (Any abandoned ambition accomplishment will do) and alternative bang support, put them in some affiliated aperture so abundant bang is an accessible accomplishment with alternative bang support.

2, Get a white atrium map.

3, Use an Orb of Transmutation on it - analysis if you got the mod "Area contains two altered bosses".

4, If you don't accept that mod, use an orb of about-face on the map.

5, Repeat footfall 4 (hold down ctrl and larboard bang on the map) until you get the twinned mod mentioned in #3.

6, Run the map, acquisition the boss(es) and use your approved accomplishment to get them down to just beneath 10% health.

7, Run about until there are 10 skeletons. With two administration it is abundant easier to get the 10 skeletons.

8, Use Abundant Bang on one of the Megaera's - accomplishment unlocked.

Note: I begin the acumen I usually bootless on this accomplishment was that if there were 10 skeletons up, it would sometimes yield me 3-4 hits to annihilate Megaera - by which point several skeletons would accept despawned.

With alternative bang - it's about burning - so your timing is abundant added precise.