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​POE - Death's Oath

news Oct-07-2019

​POE - Death's Oath

Death's Oath is in a absolutely bad abode appropriate now for ES. Death's Oath was hit ambrosial harder with nerfs the accomplished few leagues. Losing 250 collapsed ES on the Occultist nerf, up to 25% ES regen(currently is up to 5% if you yield Vile Bastion). It also afresh absent 36% Ambience AoE. The ambit of Afterlife Ambience was already abject afore this nerf.

Now with spells accepting a huge addict through all-around gem akin mods, Afterlife Ambience has been absolutely larboard in the dust. Aback the ambience itself can't accretion levels from all-around modifiers or Empower, and it has actual few abutment gems to calibration it.

Death Ambience could be buffed to 1000 collapsed accident and still not analyze to added skills. Yield Righteous Blaze for example, which now has 3 times added abject accident than Afterlife Ambience at akin 21. Not to acknowledgment a abundant bigger radius.

I'd either like to see some collapsed ES on the chest itself, abject accident buff, ambit addict or a rework of the accomplishment itself. Possibly way added accident the afterpiece you are, but a bigger ambit with a accident bead off.

Affectionate of like Far Shot / Point Blank.

I've approved aggregate to accomplish this work. Activity based is abandoned added arresting at this point if you use Molten Shell and the Divine Flesh keystone, but accident is still actual lacking.

Literally just affective the Death's Oath abject to Sacrificial Garb instead of Astral Plate would accomplish it a ton better. That would abolish the 180 backbone requirement. It would add 217 ES(almost authoritative up for the Occultist nerf), PoE currency accord you 1151 armour and artifice with 220% added armour/es/ev and 20% quality. It fits added with the Sacrificial Garb affair anyhow. As for the damage, a simple abject accident per added access would do wonders.