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Nov-28-2018 Categories: news

Let's be honest, carbon sticks charge adjustments, but don't nerf them afterwards bringing up 2h/1h+shield.

A big affair that I apprehend a lot recently, is how carbon sticks are traveling to get nerfed. That point by itself I accede with, although I don't anticipate they charge to be anytime nerfed, like authoritative the mods bounded only.

The bigger affair to me is that they're artlessly so abundant bigger than aggregate else. 1h+shield, and abnormally two handers, haven't even been abutting to meta in a long, continued time.

I bethink in the good(relative) old canicule if humans would use a marohi until they could get a disfavour. Now, marohi's are beeline up debris tier. Absorber users may be able to catchbasin like annihilation else(also debatable), but it about doesn't amount if the aforementioned agreeable can be done faster, and arguably safer with carbon sticks.

What in actuality needs to happen, forth ancillary a carbon stick nerf, is bringing these two play styles afterpiece to the baseline of carbon stick-able builds. A big botheration is advance speed. Aspd became abundant added important afterwards the AoE nerf, because to get the aforementioned able annihilate rate, you charge to be added mobile.

With carbon sticks, that's easy. You get the bifold wielding bonus, and still acquire admission to addled blades/leap slam. With 1h+S and 2h, it's absolutely a altered story. Not alone did they lose the aforementioned AoE, but they never acquired annihilation to atone for that, nor the accessible abridgement of damage.

Two handers charge to feel like you're bloodthirsty things if you hit, but the botheration is that in aisle of exile, there aren't abounding encounters breadth that slow, able play appearance in actuality pays off. You don't accretion annihilation from it in about any book if compared to added forms of damage.

I'd like to say "just access the 2h damage", but absolutely honestly, that would still leave us in the disfavour/ngamahu or apprehension meta that 2h has had for the accomplished 1-2 years. With every new affray accomplishment added ascent so abundant bigger with advance speed, and the ones that don't still defective any redeeming qualities, a change to 2h/1h+s is as bare as a nerf to carbon sticks. I would in actuality abhorrence to see a carbon stick nerf afterwards this accepting addressed.

Technically the college weapon accident itself is already a bonus. The dw account is a way to atone for accident the shieldstats afterwards accepting annihilation but college weapon requirements for 99%(except carve and dualstrike) of the skills. Aswell in actuality blank the additional 6L(or the advantage to use kaoms) as an added 2 handed account seems disengenious.

Now the ethics adeptness not be breadth they should be, currency for PoE but in a non stat-stick bearings dw should outscale 2-handers artlessly because you charge two abundant weapons instead of one.

Amd if you exclude stat-sticks and torn abilities like Molten Strike I dont anticipate dw/1-handers acquire a austere advantage, and this is bigger anchored by nerfing the outliers, abroad you are affected to use them.