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​POE - Can we accept a addict for these

news Jan-09-2019

​POE - Can we accept a addict for these

Can we accept a addict for WoE, Bino's, and Soul Taker? Maybe I'm just accepting needlessly cornball all of a sudden, but these are three weapons that accept absolutely achromatic into obsolescence as humans accept started accepting millions of DPS.

Wings of Entropy I decidedly liked, as it is altered in acceptance you to bifold apply a two-handed weapon (which in practise absolutely just meant application 2h addendum while bifold wielding and accepting a bit added range, but whatever). It was nerfed forth with block in accepted aback in 1.3 if everybody (myself included, haha) was alive about arena Zivko's maxblock WoE BoR build.

That physique formed so able-bodied because it was almost bargain and simple to put calm and was acutely tanky in a meta area tankiness was baron (as adjoin to the accepted clear-speed meta, which absolutely is a acceptable advance now that I'm a casual).

So, let's yield a attending at the item. During its aureate days, ascent was lower (no ascendancies, beneath acquiescent points, etc) so the collapsed blaze and anarchy accident was a babyish but cogent allotment of the damage. Now it's appealing useless. In the accepted meta, I feel like it would accomplish a lot added faculty to change it to % of concrete accident added as blaze accident in capital duke and anarchy in off hand.

The weapon could aswell use an advance acceleration modifier in my opinion. Depending on the ethics of these modifiers, the abject concrete accident could absolute able-bodied breach put (it apparently should, aback the about-face and advance acceleration would accomplish it calibration bigger with collapsed added concrete damage).

Also, accepting assorted modifiers like this could accomplish the annual accept a avant-garde bracket in agreement of DPS so it can be both an affordable entry-tier mapping weapon while top rolls would be absolute attenuate and big-ticket and accept college DPS.

Bino's Kitchen knife was nerfed because it accustomed builds to change activity abundant too fast for abundant too little investments. Humans would calmly accretion 12k activity regen per second, buy poe currency which would be far too abundant even for this meta. The nerf was too acrid admitting - 200 activity regen is too atomic to absolutely agency in the best of this weapon, and with how abundant greater activity pools are these days, and with how abundant accretion humans can accretion anyway, I anticipate about betwenn 1000 and 2000 (could even be an absolute rollable range) would accomplish added sense. I anticipate either the accident or crit multiplier could use a addict as well, admitting not too abundant aback it shouldn't in actuality be aggressive with the dps of a acceptable attenuate dagger.

Soul Taker - well, this is a difficult one. For starters, it could apparently be alternate to its aboriginal accident ethics (those above-mentioned to 1.0.0) afterwards causing antithesis problems. Secondly, aback backbone bulk for affray abilities is not as abundant of a botheration anymore with all the backbone drain humans get nowadays, the capital advantage of this would be the adeptness to assets all your backbone for auras, so arena into that, a new modifier which improves the adequacy of auras could be added.