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Feb-10-2019 Categories: news

I don't accept issues with 6k humans extensive affiliated 100, as continued as those players had to in actuality body their characters and get acceptable damage/defense/speed thresholds to accomplish leveling to 100 viable.

I don't even accept a botheration with carries/supports leveling to 100 in whatever is the a lot of able way in accustomed alliance whether it's stones, beachheads, burrow or altered map.

I do accept affair if humans get to 100 afterwards even application a accident adeptness accepting agitated by anyone else, Breachstones aggravate this to acute but "leechers" in accepted paying their way to 100 is kinda impaired and i don't apperceive how they'd fix leeching afterwards blame absolute parties with supports and advantageous characters.

As anyone who about doesn't get absolute agitated about authentic stones (I'm abiding they'll get afflicted and they apparently should, but they're not ruining Betrayal for me) this I anticipate is a fair point.

And I accede that I'm abashed that annihilation GGG does to try to absolute this is added acceptable than annihilation to cartilage accepted accumulation play with friends, PoE currency which has consistently been a dark atom in their architectonics and testing admitting periodically asserting that they ambition to accomplish it added of a thing.

There are hundreds humans who got affiliated 100 this alliance that accept no absolute clue how to play the bold or accomplish a acceptable character, i abandoned apperceive several of them, some even got assorted lvl 100s, they couldn't even affiliated abandoned accomplished 95 in above-mentioned leagues because that's how bad their builds consistently were.

I don't anticipate I'd necessarily apprehend "bad build" into that. They adeptness just accept altered priorities than you.

Using myself as an example, I usually get into the low-mid 90s and just stop caring about leveling, allotment instead to try to advance the hardest agreeable I can, which has afflicted over time.

For example, at one point some years ago I couldn't in fact do Shapers guardians, so I afresh spent my "endgame" for that alliance accomplishing them 100+ times until it got easy.

For me it's added fun to try harder things (and abort a lot) than bullwork out addition adeptness point.

They just farmed low lvl burrow and syndicate to get into rotations and never even did any agreeable that in actuality challenged them.