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Jul-05-2019 Categories: news

I'm not one to usually address these affectionate of posts, but, I've never had any affectionate of "real" problems with Aisle of Exile until this league, the alliance barrage went adequately smooth, path of exile currency and I adulation the league, except for things that now happens in the client.

Here are a brace of scenarios that has happened to me abandoned on a Asus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti with the blow accepting acceptable apparatus as well:

- The alliance for me started with the baptize shader killing my fps in anniversary baptize zone. Put baptize on low, works some times and sometimes not, this is still not absolutely anchored for me.

- Non arrangement cessation accompanying lag, while application cyclone. Spin to win, and afresh al of a sudden you benumb and are on the added ancillary of the map, this with the arrangement boxes assuming aggregate as normal.

- Textures traveling missing or blank(grey).

- Random Error messages, ex: "Pointer missing or invalid" -> Bold shutdown.

- The acclaimed "trading affair bug".

- Application movement accomplishment while highlighting an annual (This still happens to me even admitting there was application addendum of this accepting fixed) glitches the movement accomplishment to jump an added footfall in a awe-inspiring way.

I do accept consistently alteration the bold and abacus new appearance is something we want, but this activity needs to be bigger superior assured, this alliance has larboard a absinthian aftertaste and assurance in the adherence of the game, that I abandoned do not like tasting.

All in all, searching fowards, I achievement we get a added abiding client.