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​POE - Blight Influence

news Nov-11-2019

​POE - Blight Influence

If/when Blight gets implemented, rather than the aloft Master system, I had an abstraction to advice add it into the bold in a hardly altered way as able-bodied as giving a constant adjustment of active Blighted maps.

In essence, it would action analogously to Elder influence. A baby abridged of "Blight influence" would arise occasionally on the Atlas. Maps beneath the access would accommodate a Blight appointment with its corresponding rewards, but wouldn't bead Blighted maps.

The Blightbinfluence could be advance analogously to how Elder access is advance currently, and agnate to how Elder + Guardians arise already abundant maps abatement beneath Elder's control, a axial map becomes a Blighted map.

You can either bright the Blighted map to clean the Blight access and accept it arise about else, or accept to acreage the alone Blight encounters about the axial Blighted map, shrinking and accretion the access as you desire.

To ensure this doesn't fuck with things like Elder and Shaper access setups, it'd be best to accept the Blight access spawn in a way so that it's a minimum of X maps abroad from either at all times.

It aswell should be advised so Eldered maps wouldn't become the axial Blighted map, already afresh to ensure it doesn't fuck with anyone's Atlas strategies.

Thanks for reading!