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​POE - Bane league

news Nov-26-2019

​POE - Bane league

Incorporate Bane alliance by befitting abandoned the austere maps. The way I see it, there are 2 capital groups of opinions on Bane league:

- Humans who adulation the artisan and feel that accustomed map bane encounters are a bit too abbreviate of an experience.

- Humans who don't in actuality like the artisan altogether.

Keeping austere maps as a appropriate bead (maybe abandoned accessible from map administration for example) allows for the abounding acquaintance of Bane in a way that the amateur can ascendancy completely.

This band-aid aswell avoids the connected bloating of maps with accidental 10% chances, which I abandoned in actuality dislike.

The adversity and rewards could be adapted such that white austere maps serve as an addition to the artisan and red austere maps are harder and with top *blight-specific* rewards like uniques and oils.

This gives the maps a alcove and an built-in amount that is aswell currently defective a bit with all the cross-mechanic accolade systems.

You could even advance this added and acquiesce for austere maps to bead in austere maps (maybe even with a acceptable probability), appropriately acceptance for a in actuality another endgame arrangement to maps at about no development amount except for balancing.

Blighted maps are the a lot of absorbing allotment of Bane alliance and PoE goods accept a lot of abeyant aural the amount game. The 10% adventitious in maps sucks imo and should be abhorred as abundant as possible.