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May-15-2019 Categories: news

So Kalandra (from the mirror of kalandra item) could be a accepting or abode or accident or in fact any affectionate of affair (although to me it sounds like a woman's name), but I was cerebration about what it ability beggarly for the apple of the bold and I had an idea.

Let's attending at the gilded reliquary scarab description: "Go to your blow now, Sumei, Master Lorekeeper. The Order shall accumulate independent the abhorrent abstruse that abounding your final years." Okay, so what abstruse is this description referencing? Well, it's apparently accompanying to the abstruseness declared in the acidity argument for the able reliquary scarab: "As the best of our lorekeepers, honoured Sumei, it is now your assignment to investigate the abstruse duplication of artefacts of power."

And remember, the reliquary scarabs admission added altered account drops: the abstruse 'duplication of artefacts' equals 'the acumen why there are assorted versions of allegedly altered items aloft wraeclast'. Basically, I anticipate there's an in-universe acumen for why you can get assorted altered items as drops and that it's not in fact a bold mechanic.

I aswell think, because the mirror of kalandra duplicates things that kalandra is a affectionate of place/person/entity/event that churns out copies of stuff, and it's abandoned or hidden or alfresco of the cosmos or something, just like the harbingers/breachlords/beyond monsters/elder etc (there's a affair here).

Anyway, this was in fact ambiguous but I feel like it's added than what we accept appropriate now, so hopefully humans accretion it interesting.

There is belief Kalandra is Sin/Innocence's Mother from art on bottle walls, it was previewed and i anticipate its ingame.

I anticipate Kalandra in fact gave bearing to 1 adolescent and somehow attempted to mirror the adolescent and the added adolescent became Sin, the aboriginal accepting Innocence back he had no choice.

Its speculated Kalandra created all the uniques as mirrored copies maybe not accepting annoyed they capital to advance that, aswell I feel Atziri and Kalandra accept some connection, why does Atziri breach into 4 clones and haversack a mirror, also theres 2 identical Vessels of the Vaal.

Also it could just be GGG absitively Kalandra articulate air-conditioned and had no actuality abaft it and PoE currency aggregate abroad has annihilation to do with it, about Sin created the Beast, whoever created Sin should be able in a ambience like this... Blessed mapping!