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​POE - Artful vs barb for adulteration cobra baste PF

news Oct-20-2019

​POE - Artful vs barb for adulteration cobra baste PF

Basically, subj. Arena SSF, currently application mortem morsu. Cerebration about crafting a attenuate weapon with adulteration deposit mod and just realised that there is so abounding new artful nodes. I'd like to apprehend you acquaintance with dagger/claw on a agnate body and what bigger in your opinion.

In all my calculations for my appearance in SC, buy poe chaos orbs artful came out on top, not by too big a margin, but still on top.

I concluded up affairs a fossilcrafted and metacrafted dagger. The 60% adventitious for poisons to accord 100% added accident climbed aloft 500 abject dps weapons with no such a mod, and was way cheaper. Afresh afresh SSF doesn't accept abounding things readily available.


30% added Global Analytical Strike Chance

Adds 67 to 102 Anarchy Damage

60% adventitious to accord 100% added Accident with poison

Can accept assorted Crafted Modifiers

100% added Concrete Damage

20% added Beforehand Speed

+28% to Global Analytical Strike Multiplier

18% adventitious to Blind Enemies on hit

If you're accommodating to bake bill on it (hitting anarchy accident additional adulteration mod from fossil, and abate aggregate abroad afresh metacraft, can be costly), you may ambition to run a sim on PoB afore just to apperceive how abundant it'd be of an impact.

Recently, alive new numbers, I absitively to bead the Nightstalker array in favour of added crit multi, Precise Interception and Finesse.

But afresh afresh it's because im alive 1h+shield to be a bit added chunky. About 450k shaper dps access in my setup. Contrarily I took all artful clusters.