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​POE - Armor feels so anemic for some time now

news Apr-19-2019

​POE - Armor feels so anemic for some time now

Just like the appellation says. Except for THICC Juggs there are no armor based characters in PoE. Demography a attending at the top builds about all of them use Acrobatics or Appearance Acro. The all-embracing arrangement looks like this:

- Acro + Appearance Acro

- MoM

- A actor ES

- Block (rarer now)

There accept to be a way to accomplish armor added viable, its so harder to assemblage it because you charge to get HP or ES at the aforementioned time in top amounts. Also, even with 90% phys red while mapping you still don't that "tanky" feel, you charge top regen to compensate. Also, there are so abounding agency of accepting altered phys abridgement through adeptness accuse and what not that armor stackingis not that abundant bare to get to the cap.

My suggestions:

- Advance the armor ethics on anniversary account (implicits)

- Bigger armour nodes

- Admission phys red cap to 95% but accomplish it armor accompanying (you can abandoned get that added 5% by accepting a lot of armor)

- Hotlink armor to regen, conceivably actualize a mod with reflect accident according to #% of your armor

- Hotlink armor to max hp (gain HP from a allotment of armor)

Armour needs to be buffed, but the absolute basal affair is that the use case for armour has been abundantly beneath through poor player-monster balance. Any amateur who tries to catchbasin a lot of attacks from approved mobs will anon see the aberration that accepting armour makes. The botheration is that monsters never get the adventitious to advance you anymore because their bloom ethics are so low.

Originally I bethink accepting to accord with the accuse of rhoas, phys projectiles of tentacled miscreations, the spikes of porcupines, skeleton archers, etc, and they were potentially alarming and sometimes could not be absolutely avoided. There's a acumen why the old Arctic Armour was so accepted -- it provided collapsed concrete accident abridgement that was acute to absolute these things. Similarly the Armour arrangement is finer like a collapsed concrete reduction.

So while Armour needs to be buffed, rethinking the antithesis of player/monster accident adeptness added fundamentally fix a lot of issues. For Classic Evasion is aswell advised about mitigating little hits but accomplishing annihilation for smashes. And ES's weakness is declared to be administration lots of connected hits (PoE currency since you don't get recharge then) but able adjoin big smashes, and appropriate now it's meta because the aloft bearings artlessly never occurs anymore. So change the accident antithesis and al of a sudden the antithesis of adeptness amid the three aegis types shifts.