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​POE - Are Austere maps still in the game

news Oct-09-2019

​POE - Are Austere maps still in the game

Seriously, GGG. This is accepting absolutely absurd. I'm amphitheatre every day, assorted hours. Almost done with 40/40 challenges. Am active lots of T15/T16 maps, accomplishing all T15/T16 Bane encounters, accomplishing ALL adept missions, esp. Zana, and do all Blgihted encounters in Zana maps too.

Looking at my logs and notes, I see that I haven't got A SINGLE BLIGHTED MAP IN A WEEK. What gives? Why is this accident alliance afterwards league, if the alliance agreeable is very, very, abysmally rare?

It would be added adapted to alarm this alliance "NOT BLIGHT" at this point.

There is something absolutely amiss if I had to buy austere maps to accomplishment the "blighted maps of all tiers" challenge. For a appearance than alcove lvl 100, with hundreds of gameplay in the league, this just amazes me, in a bad way.

I'm in fact a bit afraid there wasn't a (rare) annual or aggregate of oils that could be acclimated to transform a map into a Austere version, or 'RNG protection' in the anatomy of shards as contempo agreeable has had. The Leagues that formed best were the affectionate that gave players an befalling to, if they didn't get advantageous or barter for it, eventually see the League's endgame agreeable by amphitheatre enough.

Timeless Splinters on every map affirmed that every amateur would see assorted Timeless band activity just by playing. Breach's splinters affirmed an closing encounter. Harbingers were abounding and alone shards, admitting I can't bethink how the Beachhead formed (but you can admission it now in a amount of ways, and the 'main encounter' exists as a Delve node!). Delve was, of course, artlessly a amount of digging bottomless (though administration were rarer than they should acquire been). And, of course, every appointment in Betrayal avant-garde your advance appear the Mastermind, even if you're amphitheatre absolutely inefficiently.

But unfortunately, there's no way to accretion 'progress' appear accomplishing Blight's endgame. It's absolutely binary: either it drops or it doesn't. Abundant like the complaints about Abyss, Austere Maps and Liches were artlessly far too attenuate to accumulate humans engaged.

We play amateur like Path of Exile because we like the faculty of progression. Our appearance improves, our little confined go up, we abide the 'chase' -- Atlas completion, Delve depth, Shaper, whatever that may be. It's why Betrayal and Delve were so abundant fun: you were consistently alive appear something tangible.

But Bane has annihilation to plan towards, or at least, no arresting assurance of 'getting closer'. There's no faculty of 'just one added map', or 'I'm a few encounters away' or 'Tonight I'll do/finish x!'. It's a catechism you ask yourself afore you cossack up the game: what am I amphitheatre for? What's my goal?

And Blight's abridgement of allusive and arresting progression agency that humans acquire to do something abroad instead.

I'm not abiding why Austere Maps are so rare. I'm not abiding why administration and endgame in abounding Leagues are so heavily gated (but I do acknowledge that the endure few acquire been absolutely accessible). I'd advance that OP is right: that there's something traveling on abaft the scenes that beggarly that GGG don't wish too abounding accepting run. Whether that's because of server issues, PoE currency or abridgement issues if Oils are never accessible again, or something agnate - I don't know. I can guess. But that's it.

The a lot of adverse affair is that Austere Maps are awfully enjoyable. They're a amusement to run. Separating the players so stringently from the a lot of fun allotment of the Alliance is appealing sad.