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Aug-10-2018 Categories: news

Tried SSF for the aboriginal time this chase and the better affair is candidly crafting al of a sudden feels good. In barter leagues I about approved crafting accepting but I consistently acquainted abhorrent afterwards alive that those 50 anarchy I spammed into that ring could accept just bought me one with assmark on hit or something.

This Alliance I apparently already spammed 100c into accepting and even if I got annihilation I didn't feel like I gimped myself. I even got an ancient chest with %life on annihilate and %life regen and airtight it twice. The slams were complete debris but slamming was abundant fun.

The abandoned affair is you accept to play a body that doesn't charge or doesn't absolutely get annihilation from uber lab. Like rf or ed bluff or something. No ones apparently gonna affliction but maybe I can affect others to accord it a attempt once.

Also my affair with SSF is the aforementioned affair as my admired allotment about it, that you just cannot play assertive builds that you adeptness be absorbed in aggravating because you never got the drops you needed, which feels a bit lame.

But on the added hand, my complete admired affair is that if I get a air-conditioned altered to drop, it makes me wish to try it and maybe I play a body I wouldn't accept played contrarily which can be absolutely fun.

Though SSF is absolutely slower all-embracing for me, because of crafting, in actuality IDing rares, and about just accepting worse accessory than on barter league, so I accept to be in the affection for it. Sometimes I just wanna go fast, but sometimes the slower added methodical playstyle of SSF feels air-conditioned rewarding.

I anticipate a lot of humans overlook what it agency to play this bold at a reasonable level, as against to the bulk that streamers/redditors assume to. Endure anamnesis I concluded with one burn at 93 and addition at 88 on SSF, and there were a TON of items I never saw once.

And I don't even beggarly things like a Kaom's Heart or similar. By the end of flashback, the items I was analytical about that never alone for me included (checking my backing to confirm): RotP/Saffels for RF, 60 rings complete for Loreweave, Facebreaker or Meginord, Shavs/Shavs Cards, Tinkerskin, Inpulsa, Psicators.

Hell, I never even got a Hrimsorrow gloves to try some phys->cold builds. Certainly this alliance accepting the Ele Hit gems is basically absurd on SSF. Maybe I could've farmed some of those through div cards over time, but you're still bound in the actuality that it takes a continued time to acreage a individual account so you still accept to aces one body to try as a continued appellation goal.

These issues don't abide for humans arena 12 hours a day, poe currency but for me I was still appealing bound even accepting to 93 in a month. I assumption you could play perm SSF to abstain this, but afresh you absence out on fun alliance content.