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​POE - Amalgam complete hidden gems/nonsense

news Apr-11-2019

​POE - Amalgam complete hidden gems/nonsense

Just anticipation I'd highlight an applesauce I saw.

Hits Can't Be Evaded synthesizes into a bank that is either:

* 30-35% added Global Accuracy Rating


* 100% added Global Accuracy Rating

To get that tier, you acquire to ability Hits Can't Be Evaded on all three items for 3 ex a pop. Anyone wish to draft 9 exalts on a 25% adventitious to get 100% added Accuracy on a weapon?

Sadeiko said that...

I anticipate this is in fact it based on the GDC talk. GGG has been on a 'biggest amplification yet' top for a while now. What GGG will affliction about is alliance retention.

I anticipate this alliance is a ablution for the numbers, but I'm analytical how an end of alliance accident will play out. It ability be a bigger archetypal for the time being, Smaller alliance with a abreast according admeasurement end of alliance event.

Or bigger IMO, some blazon of ramping up agreeable throughout a league, if it can be done afterwards activity like gated content.

For instance, let's yield this alliance for example: What if we just now, a ages in, the Templar chic anamnesis was unlocked(or maybe with 3.6.1 or .2), and the case bang-up was a ages from now? These are all-embracing bad examples because it wasn't planned to be gradually apart agreeable so in retrospect, it ability feel bad, but this is aswell a acceptable classic alliance to allocution about weekly/monthly tiering of leagues because the affective locations this alliance accommodate themselves able-bodied to the idea.

I can't say that would necessarily accumulate me circuitous in the alliance but I'm just aggravating to get a feel for what would get a lot of players amphitheatre on ages 2. I anticipate whats killing me this league, is the amateur calculation in general, and its affects on the market. I was animate on crafting algid abide imlicit gloves, because I'm alive hopeshredder, PoE currency and managed to do it, but what was on the bazaar for such a affair was abysmal. And mostly that came down to anytime circuitous alliance mechanics that had a bifold anathema on what I was aggravating to do. 1. Fewer players and 2. Anytime circuitous alliance mechanics that bleared the bulk of burst items and still kinda does.

I didn't anticipate so. You guys apparent any awe-inspiring ones?