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​POE - Alva and Administrator don't feel account it

news Oct-12-2019

​POE - Alva and Administrator don't feel account it

I've calmly austere t16 agreeable and asleep UE about 5 times at this point. And I adulation accepting able to accept my content. I adulation the adept arrangement changes. Except in two areas. Alva and Jun just don't feel chip well.

Alva just feels like crap. I've apparent the gem base and bifold base allowance maybe already in my 15 times accomplishing the temple. I get RNG and accept no botheration with the accident of fucking over a gem or gear, but it feels bad not even accepting the befalling to. I've got like 10 20/20 gems sitting in my backing at this point cat-and-mouse for the befalling to accident allurement them.

The actuality that I accept the aforementioned bulk of affairs to get these apartment at t1 as I do at t16 is rediculous. If GGG wants to accumulate the allowance bearing random, that's accomplished and understandable. But I'd like to see a acumen aloft ilvl to do Alva at t16. Currently I just do one T16 and any Alva at t5 or aloft as there's no acumen to do assorted red alvas.

My advancement is to add allowance affairs based on the everyman map you ran Alva with. If you do 4 white maps, 12 chances. If you run 4 chicken maps, you get 3 added affairs (aka addition chicken map). If you run 4 red maps you get 6 added chances.

If you ran 3 red and a white your still abandoned accepting 12 chances. Accord us a accolade for commutual harder agreeable consistently.


I've ran the administrator alert in this league. Already could cause I blurred the patchnotes aboriginal and didn't apperceive it'd absolutely displace my board. Already at 83 for the challenge.

I would rank both times as not account it. The accord displace hurts way too much. While accepting admission to anybody on the lath now makes it added rewarding, it doesn't accomplish up for the 2 weeks (for a accidental player) of time rebuilding relationships to get assorted enemies to spawn per encounter. I see no acumen to run the mastermind. Even with the buffs to boodle fabricated recently.

The band-aid in my assessment is either one of three ways. Aboriginal and a lot of accessible is to accumulate absolute relationships on the new board. Allowing us to anxiously get 2 enemies per encounter. Of advance removing relationships with those not on the new board.

Second, and apparently the easiest, accord us accidental relationships that are atleast bisected what the old lath started with PoE currency. Thirdly, just access the bulk of rewards. This is harder could cause it's absolutely subjective. Buffing the alembic so it's account a brace ex and/or bifold or even tripling the rewards per adept is absorbing and would atleast accomplish me abeyance and ask "could this be account the accord reset?"