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Mar-14-2019 Categories: news

Before I say annihilation else, the altered accumulating tab is a admirable thing, I'm so blessed it's in the game, acknowledge you so abundant for this, GGG. That accepting said-it's acknowledgment time.

I just ran through the annual of altered items in the wiki, acquainted down all the uniques that accept assorted variants a beneficiary such as myself adeptness wish to abundance away, PoE currency and afresh seeing which ones had slots for anniversary adaptation and which ones did not. I apparent that the Altered Tab is berserk inconsistent about which items get slots for every variant--it's not about raw abject types, like Doryani's Delusion or The Beachhead. I can't bulk out what the arrangement is.

Uniques that accept assorted variants, all of which accept a aperture in the Altered Accumulating Tab:

The Beachhead

Combat Focus

Doryani's Delusion

Grand Spectrum


Volkuur's Guidance

Uniques with a baby bulk of variants but abandoned one slot:

Atziri's Splendour

Aul's Uprising

Doryani's Invitation

Poorjoy's Asylum

Vessel of Vinktar

Yriel's Fostering

There are aswell a few added uniques with huge numbers of variations, ones too complete to absolve assorted slots--Watcher's Eye is the king, obviously, but Eyes of the Greatwolf, Derma of the Lords, the assorted Precursor's Emblem results (there's even assorted slots for this altered already and it doesn't appear abutting to accoutrement them all), Shadowstitch, and uniques with Veiled modifiers are appealing huge groupings. On the added reasonable end of things, there's abandoned one aperture for uniques that can accept one or two abysmal sockets, and antithesis uniques from reliquary keys don't accept their own slots either.

I'd aswell abandoned like to apostle for some affectionate of sub-slot for String of Servitude, because the complete point of the account is its besmirched implicit--how am I declared to aces which one to put in my set of complete uniques? Perhaps that sets accession inconsistent precedent. Oh well.