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Mar-12-2019 Categories: news

Betrayal, abundant like Beastcrafting, needs an analysis if it's traveling to abide core. Betrayals, as they stand, are awfully introduced, overtuned, and overcomplicated.

First off, Betrayal encounters just sort-of about alpha occurring already you adeptness Act 9 Desert. Not even a NPC adventure accession from Jun. Just in actuality "welcome to act 9 actuality are 3-9 acutely harder administration that can't be frozen, slowed, and do huge amounts of damage, acceptable luck. Aswell here's a ambagious syndicate board, buried items, and a agglomeration of decisions to make!"

Having betrayal encounters alpha in Act 9 is horrible. By the time you do appointment The Syndicate, they already do massive amounts of damage. There's no acquirements aeon in the low-levels, or apathetic admission up to accept the mechanics or about difficulty/strength/weakness of anniversary member. I couldn't brainstorm accepting a new amateur experiencing a amateur syndicate action and accepting destroyed. It would feel like accurate cheating.

The board, while aesthetically beautiful, is aswell abundantly ambagious and obscure. It offers no administration or annual on what appointment is what, how you acquaintance encounters, and what your decisions in actuality affect. I couldn't brainstorm aggravating to apprentice about The Nexus, Syndicate Board, The Temple, and Delve all at once.

The Syndicate fabricated abundant faculty if it was the primary artisan of the league, but as a accessory focus, the blackmail is way too top and the arrangement is way too complicated for anyone who didn't play Betrayal. I admired Betrayal. The administration were hard, mechanics fresh, and art/dialogue in actuality on point. We just allegation a better, beneath clumsy way to accommodate it.

I anticipate it comes down to a catechism of what aspects of Betrayal allegation to be kept alive.

1, Buried Items - This is able to accumulate as-is imo. Adds a lot of abyss to crafting.

2, The Lath - As you said, it's way too abundant micromanaging to do if you wish to min-max, and ambrosial abortive if you just wish to get through the encounters. I anticipate the ambition should be eliminating the board.

3, Safehouses/Mastermind - Seems like these should stick about in some form. It's acutely the capital accolade structure, but as we all apperceive the complete bulk in these was:

4, Targeted Rewards - In Betrayal, it was air-conditioned simple to ceaseless acreage a individual safehouse with a specific captain (It That Fled in Research, primarily). I abandoned feel that this is what should go. The rewards accept already been counterbalanced a bit more, and can still be tweaked. Rather than hyper-focusing on a individual reward, what if some allotment of the time, the endure Syndicate larboard animate in the appointment would accessible a aperture to the safehouse of the accepted appointment blazon breadth they would be baton and the added (random?) Synidcates were the added members. This still allows some bulk of best as you can accept to leave It That Fled animate if you in actuality wish a Breachstone upgrade, but removes the allegation for the lath entirely. Already you run X safehouses, you could allocution to Jun to run the Mastermind. The acceptance allegedly needs to be considered; path of exile currency bluntly I accept no abstraction what was traveling on in Betrayal lore-wise, but I'm abiding GGG could appear up with something that fabricated sense.