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​POE - Aggravation is not Difficulty

news Apr-17-2019

​POE - Aggravation is not Difficulty

Hello brochachos,

Recently, and in actuality throughout a lot of of PoE's history, this reddit has had a lot of posts which criticise GGG, GGG's aesthetics (focusing too abounding on amateur retention, accepting anytime aggressive on abbreviate dev cycles, apprehensive acclimation etc.) and one accurate breadth breadth I've been seeing a lot of criticism levied is at things which could be advised QoL/ convenience, such as the contempo column (and aswell beforehand variations on the aforementioned theme) suggesting abiding account spots for scrolls. There's aswell accepting that's been accepted to accuse about for ever, such as trading accepting massively annoying afterwards accepting a marketplace, dust accepting the end of all things (also circumscribed up on FP recently), and sulphite not accepting aggregate amid characters.

Generally speaking, a lot of humans assume to accede that a lot of of these things are in fact annoying, and should in fact be fixed, abnormally because how little development time implementing some of these fixes would take. However, there is a (small, at atomic in column numbers) subset of the association that seems to argue things like this on the abject of one thing: difficulty.

It's no abstruse that PoE is a difficult game, has been a difficult game, and has a able breadth of the association who adulation it for in fact that reason. They adulation the agitated bang-up fights with fat endless of mechanics to learn, they adulation the complex and layered economy, they adulation the options to play in hardcore and abandoned self-found and they adulation the actuality that the bold has a top bulk of exclusivity, wherein some agreeable is alone attainable to a committed minority, PoE trade currency and some items are gated likewise. I am one of the humans who loves this about the game, and I would never wish it to change, and I account GGG for afraid to this allotment of their aesthetics and not accepting like s o m e o t h e r c o m p a n i e s who cede these elements and accomplish their bold added accessible. In short, PoE has lots of difficult, and that's great.

But PoE has a lot of aggravation as well, and aggravation is n o t difficulty.

Some humans are adjoin the account mentioned in branch one, because they affirmation they would accomplish the bold easier. Some accepted sentiments I've apparent include:

"Inventory administration is allotment of the adversity of the game."

"Having a acceptable exchange would accomplish the bold easier, like Diablo III."

"Challenges are declared to be difficult."

But here's the thing. Account administration is not allotment of the adversity of the game, admitting it does technically accomplish the bold added difficult. It doesn't accomplish the bold added difficult in an absorbing way, like the complication of the skill timberline or hecka harder endgame mechanics, it just makes the bold added annoying and annoying, and, to me at least, that's not what adversity is.

Making the bold difficult by authoritative it annoying is cheap, frustrating, and I don't accept it should be encouraged, and authoritative the bold convenient, and removing things which are annoying does not abase the adversity of the game, it does not accomplish the bold beneath hardcore or beneath complex, and it is not pandering to casuals and humans who wish accessibility for the account of it.

It's aswell account advertence that GGG has done abounding things that accomplish the bold added convenient, and I don't in fact see anyone accusatory about it at all, and in fact humans assume to in fact like those features, examples include:

-All the altered kinds of backing tabs.

-Trading cards into Navali so you don't accept to go to Act 4.

-Making reflect hecka easier to accord with.

-Improving cyclone pathing and ambidextrous with pebbles.

-Collapsing all the crafting benches into one (the expac did a lot of added crafting accepting as able-bodied of course, but I for one adulation the accessibility aspect).

Another point, in general, I acquisition RNG-gating to be aggravation added than difficulty. Accepting like the accepted Perandus claiming and award Aul is, admitting its about agreeable that's too hardcore for me personally, just kinda annoying and could in abounding agency be fabricated added about adherence and investment than luck.

To conclude, I basically anticipate that the bold should be as acceptable as possible, and that authoritative it acceptable is not the aforementioned as authoritative it easy, and that in actuality befitting the bold circuitous is in fact adorable and great, but it's in fact not the aforementioned affair as inconvenience.

/Thinky breadth over, accede you for your time.

Some things that I alone anticipate could be fabricated added convenient, and would not cede the adversity or claiming or appearance of the game. This is all cool abstract tbh and I anticipate there's lots of allowance to agitation and disagree.

-Inventory slots for scrolls, or even the abatement of ID'ing in fact (its kinda a asinine holdover from D2 IMO).

-Shared sulphite.

-Having an all gem bell-ringer like Lilly Roth in your hideout.

-People able to set up a arrangement breadth you baddest assertive mods (mmm, reflect, mmm) and if you aeon those mods the bold warns you and tells you that you should assay if you wanna run the map.

-Having some challenges (Perandus this league, others in accomplished leagues) be beneath like, gross, like absolution Cadiro spawn added in assertive agency and so on. (I don't in fact complete challenges but this seems important for humans who do.

-Making crafting added attainable in accepted (for accidental players in barter league, about the barter bulk of a lot of Madden is like 10x the use value, but it could allegedly be fabricated like 2-4x and still be reasonable).

-Delve administration and Amalgam administration accepting fabricated beneath RNG in the way they spawn.

-An absolute exchange (or at atomic s o m e affectionate of affair to activity bulk acclimation and added bold behaviour). Aswell barter babble is debris and I admiration if it could be angry into something a bit added than just a abode breadth new players are scammed, but that seems complicated and alone I'm not too sure.

-A actor added things, I'm sure.

Edit: Acknowledgment for the altercation guys, afterwards account a lot of of it I can say I angle by on a lot of of the things I've said, but I'll mention:

-Pre ID'ing adeptness be doable, but it adeptness in actuality be in fact complicated with how the bold handles drops.

-Marketplaces are a accomplished affair all on their own and it was kinda a aberration to cover them in this discussion.

-Ehhh crafting is adequately attainable I guess.

-In agreement of dev time for fixes, afterwards accepting absolute admission to the engine and GGG's accoutrement I can't say how continued any of this accepting would yield to implement.

-It's accurate that prioritising is hard, and GGG accept to accomplish decisions about what to plan on, but for me at atomic QoL changes + a abate accord artisan (Like aperture I guess?) would be nicer that a huge massive artisan like synthesis.

-Maybe PoE isn't as harder as I anticipate it is.