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Mar-10-2019 Categories: news

Pathfinder Uber Lab speedrunner abecedarian - TR+HoA/BV/GC? I plan on arena committed lab speedrunner in new league. I haven't in actuality played an Uber Lab agriculturalist from the alpha - every alliance i respecced either Adviser or Scion 3 weeks into league. I acclimated to use mostly ele BV with Essence Worm and Bright Apperception Jewel, and afresh - Grelwood Molten Striker.

I'm preety abiding I'm gonna akin with Toxic Rain + Herald of Agony, but the complete catechism is if it would plan as an aboriginal Uber Lab farmer? Added options I had in apperception were:

- Ele BV with Essence Worm (which would be big-ticket as hell from the alpha I believe).

- Poison BV with HoA.

- GC mines (which I'm not a fan of, but if it in fact skips Izaro phases afterwards abundant investment - I'm down for this).

I'm not including Grelwood MS as a starter, but I will respec for it if Grelwoods gonna be almost cheap.

Also, one added important catechism - aback the accomplishment timberline is continued out already, and I assumption I'd accept ~4.5k activity while stacking evasion, is it all-important to aces MoM or is Acrobatics with Enfeeble in fact fine?

It's traveling to be appealing harder to acquisition an bargain adviser to run lab the way you apparently ambition to. A acceptable advancement would be to attending at SuitSizeSmall (the guy who makes lab addendum EVERY day) who fabricated a authentic Toxic Rain appearance that is annual affable and still adequately quick.

A agenda about your abstraction of application the Herald of Agony: You can't in fact ascendancy the thing. Worst case book is it decides to pop a attempt in the amiss administration while you action Izaro and you lose a gold key because you bootless the artisan aback you dead the golem.

All your added suggestions are appealing good. GC mines is acceptable if you're Sabo. It's meant for antagonism on adviser and you acceptable will not be able to annihilate Argus if that's the accomplishment you adjudge on. So aboriginal alliance I would admonish adjoin that.

You could aswell attending into my bifold dreamfeather lab runner. Abounding adviser on youtube. Just seek Jelbishi and you'll acquisition all my stuff. The downside to the dreamfeathers is that you allegation aloft boilerplate accessory to accomplish it shine. I've alliance started with it 2 times, PoE cheap currency though. Worked able-bodied enough.

Good luck feel chargeless to ask added questions if you accept any.