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​POE - Admonition me Theory Craft the Carrion Golem

news Sep-09-2019

​POE - Admonition me Theory Craft the Carrion Golem

Rory just gave us the admonition on Carrion Golem, let us try to aerate its damage!

Carrion Golem does not acquire an "Attack", he can alone use skills. These are the 3 abilities he will use:

Leap Slam: 180% DMG, 4 Sec CD (Can't be again by Multi) Bone Cascade: 65% DMG, 90% Speed, 4 Sec CD (Can be again by Multi, can shotgun) Bone Swing: 2 hits in a ample cone for 135% DMG, 4 hits in a baby cone for 162% DMG and 200% Speed. No CD. (It's a 6 hit combo, acceptable for individual ambition damage. Multistrike just makes it use this accomplishment faster, so the Multi Strike would actuate twice)

Carrion Golems aswell accretion up to 80% Added DMG (with 10 non-golem minions). Rory said that the Golem averages at akin 20 about 372 accident per hit @ 0.9 hits per second. I don't apperceive why he chose to say that instead of just giving us it's abject accident though.

Carrion Golems aswell acquire 11384 activity at gem akin 20.

Important to agenda that none of the +Skill will plan on Abutment Gems. So Necro +2 and Wands +1 will not plan on them.

This leaves us with a few things to anticipate of... What would be the actual best body for maximizing the Carrion Golem?

Multistrike seems to be a bright champ if it comes to a abutment gem for individual target, aback it makes its individual ambition insane. Afterwards it, its 6 hits admixture would accord 918% of its abject damage, but with Multi Strike it will accord 1096.2% @ 1.44 Speed. This is a admirable absolute of 72% added damage. It will about abate the Bound Slam by 10% and Bone Cascade doesn't accretion abundant from it, but depending on how acceptable it is, it may be account it.

Infernal Legion seems to be absolutely acceptable for clearing, it gives 1315.9 accident per additional @ 20, this is added assorted by the 80% added accident that the golem assets from minions, this agency that it will accord 2368.62 accident per second!

That's a Righteous Blaze on a appearance with 4134.1 HP! Now, a acceptable beloved body should acquire anywhere from +300% to +400% Beloved Damage, let's use 350%, so it's a absolute of 10,658.79 damage!

So, what do you guys anticipate is the best bureaucracy for it? Remember, it's not the capital damage, aback I will be traveling Necro.